Sole Appearance: Episode 20 - "Attack of the Twin Devils"

Kiyaya (female, on the left) and Doppa (male, on the right) were Rogg Mack pilots in Gyamus' unit. Their status as twins lent them a small degree of telepathy and made them an excellent fighting team - earning the nickname 'The Twin Devils'.

Gyamus assigned them as leaders of an assault team sent to destroy the Solo Ship on Flag Star. Initially they took the colonists by surprise, only for the Ide to boost the Solo Ship's barrier when the infant Lou was endangered by their attack. Doppa was killed shortly afterwards after a suicidal charge through the ship's barrier. His enraged sister tried a similar kamikaze attack, but was caught by the Ideon and hurled into Gyamus' Sades Zan. Both Kiyaya and Gyamus were killed in the subsequent explosion.