Sole Appearance: "Be Invoked"

Kilarul (purple hair) and Torolof (green hair) acted as bodyguards to Harulu when Doba's fleet reached the colonists. Both were generally no-nonsense soldier types, though they refused to wear helmets as it hides their beauty. They were dispatched by Harulu to kill Karala in a Zanza Lubu Heavy Mecha. However, the Ide intervened and protected their target.

Harulu accompanied them on a further sortie. Their Zanza Lubu was destroyed by the Ideon Gun, but the trio made it onboard the Solo Ship. Torolof was then killed by Lotta - Kilarul avenged her, then left with Harulu once her superior had killed Karala. Kilarul was then killed along with Harulu when the Bairal Jin was hit by the Ideon Gun.

Both of their spirits then mingled with the other Buff Clan and colonists - Torolof was seen with Guhaba, and Kilarul with Joliver.