First Appearance: Episode 1 - "Ideon Resurrected"
Final Appearance: "Be Invoked"

The daughter of the Buff Clan's Supreme Commander, Doba, Karala wasn't as military-minded as her elder sister Harulu, instead being more interested in the legend of the Ide. Her researches took the Gram Zan to the planet Solo, and rather than wait for Gije and Damido to complete an analysis of the Earth colony there, she headed down to the surface with her maid Mayaya. This started the chain of events that led to war between the Solo colonists and the Buff Clan (in her defence, there's a chance the Ide was controlling her actions, as it had already lured the Buff Clan to Logo Dau/Solo with the meteor attacks). In the confusion, Karala and Mayaya were taken onboard the Solo Ship.

Initially Karala intended to simply find out what the colonists knew of the Ide, but her admiration for them and her feelings for Bes soon led her to choose to remain with them. Even after Mayaya was killed fighting the colonists, she refused a rescue attempt by Abadede. Her idealistic pacifist principles led to her trying to negotiate a peace with his sister, but Harulu instead rejected her. Aside from Bes, most of the colonists took some considerable time to learn to trust her, especially Lotta (who tried to kill her), Sheryl (who was horrible to her at any opportunity, and then made her carry the blame for Sheryl's own escape attempt) and Kasha (who was just like that). However, over time Karala proved where her loyalties lay, providing information on Buff Clan machinery, giving a blood transfusion to the injured Cosmo and revealing the location of Buff to the colonists. Due to her general lack of scientific understanding (Karala is basically a hippy) her day-to-day duties on the ship involved helping Lotta and Lin out in the kitchen and the nursery.

Her strong relationship with Bes was a focal point for the Ide, and when she fell pregnant with his child it transported her to her father's flagship to make a final plea for peace between both races. Doba refused, disowning her and attempting to kill her - Joliver, who had made the journey with her, intervened and saved her. The Solo Ship arrived to rescue them, and the Ide intervened when the pair seemed doomed. Once back onboard, she told Bes of her pregnancy. However, their happiness was short-lived as Karala's jealous sister infiltrated the Solo Ship and shot her.

Thanks to the Ide, her baby - christened Messiah by Cosmo and Kasha - was able to survive inside her body, and lead the spirits of both races to the reborn Earth. Karala was reunited with Bes along the way.