First Appearance: Episode 11 - "Pursuit to the Ruined Planet"
Final Appearance: "Be Invoked"

Doba's eldest daughter grew up in Kilm Forest on Buff, where she had a romance with Daram Zuba. This didn't work out, and turned Harulu into a cold, hard woman. She soon became one of her father's most trusted generals, and when her sister disappeared on Logo Dau, set out from Buff to reinforce Abadede's squadron. By the time she arrived in the Dorowa Zan, Abadede was dead, and her motivations had turned more towards harnessing the Ide to help her father dominate the universe.

Harulu's own generals, such as Guhaba, Doku and Gyamus had no more success against the colonists than their predecessors, however, and the Dorowa Zan was destroyed by the Ideon. Harulu escaped thanks to Daram, who had resurfaced with the Ome Foundation, and returned to Buff to take part in her father's grand fleet. Later she learned of Daram's death at the hand of the colonists, and sent Kulara to investigate. When she learnt Rukuku Kil had laughed at a video tape Daram had left for her, Harulu had Rukuku assassinated.

Moving ahead of the main fleet, her next contact with the colonists came when she attempted to reinforce Kodomon's squadron at Star Steckin, only for the Ide to manifest itself. Harulu made a quick escape seconds before the planet and the Buff Clan task force, were wiped out. She then rejoined her father's fleet. Acting along with her trusted soldiers Torolof and Kilarul, she slipped onboard the Solo Ship in the heat of the battle. Enraged at Karala's happy life with Bes, she shot her sister in the face before escaping. She later asked for overall command of the fleet from Doba. He granted it to her, but shortly afterwards Harulu was killed when the part of the Bairal Jin she was directing the battle from was destroyed by the Ideon Gun.

Her spirit was later reunited with that of Daram.