First Appearance: Episode 32 - "Amidst the Flames of Fate"
Final Appearance: Episode 35 - "Surfacing from Darkness"

Hannibal was sent ahead of Doba's main fleet in order to make a further attempt to capture the Ideon. Loyal to the Supreme Commander, he first inserted Kulara onboard Rukuku's Garowa Zan (under the guise of resupplying) to get her out of the way. This done, he then stalked the Solo Ship.

One of his lieutenants, Mebarul, attempted to destroy the Ideon by forcing it into the Waft Area. When this failed, Hannibal led the next attack, realising an early victory over the colonists would boost his standing in the Buff Clan.

His plan to trap the Solo Ship on Doumou Star failed, and he then struck up an alliance against the colonists with the Earth Union commander Marshall Franklin. His plan involved pining the Ideon and the Solo Ship down with Gidu Mack mecha, and getting Marshall to fire Sublight missile at the area. The first part of the plan went well, but due to the power of the Ide Hannibal's self-sacrifice was in vain, as the colonists escaped harm.