First Appearance: Episode 19 - "Gyamus' Special Command"
Final Appearance: Episode 20 - "Attack of the Twin Devils"

Gyamus was selected by Harulu to replace Gije after the latter's consistent failure against the colonists. It was a task Gyamus was happy to take on, having a personal dislike for his predecessor. His unit was equipped with two new types - the Gondo Bau fighter, and the Rogg Mack Heavy Mecha.

He followed the Solo Ship to the planet Flag Star in the Sades Zan, and tried to trap Karala in false peace negotiations. When this failed, he had the Ideon directly engaged by Rogg Macks. The assault failed, but more by bad luck than anything else. He then assigned the so-called Devil Twins, Kiyaya and Doppa Buff, to attack the Solo Ship. However, Gyamus was killed when the Ideon threw Kiyaya's Rogg Mack at the Sades Zan, destroying both.