First Appearance: Episode 11 - "Pursuit to the Ruined Planet"
Final Appearance: Episode 13 - "Attack on the Alien"

The experienced Guhaba was one of Harulu's most trusted soldiers, and her first choice to try and defeat the Ideon. He had a comparitively unselfish personality compared to many others in the Buff Clan military, giving the injured Damido advice on one occasion.

He used the new Zigg Mack heavy mobile mecha and twice came close to defeating the colonists' robot, but was eventually killed fighting it in the Nimrod Zone.

His spirit was seen after the Buff Clan were wiped out by the Ide, oddly paired up with Torolof, though the pair were never previously seen together. There is an outside chance they were known to each other while alive, but nothing really to base it on.