First Appearance: Episode 28 - "Wrath of the Wave Leader Gun"
Final Appearance: "Be Invoked"

The head of the Ome Foundation, Gindoro joins forces with Doba to conspire against Emperor Zuou. His first contribution is to dispatch Daram and a small but well-equipped force to try and capture the Ideon.

When this fails, he builds the massive Gando Rowa weapon. Gindoro then joined Doba onboard the Bairal Jin for the final battle against the colonists. His motives for overthrowing Zuou were more selfish than those of his partner, and Doba tired of his attempts to flee the battlefield. After an argument, Doba shot Gindoro. His spirit visited Doba soon afterwards.

I'm a little in two minds about what exactly counts as Gindoro's debut - he only appears in episode 28 as a radio transmission, not being seen in person until episode 39. Also, thanks to Quiddity for letting me know a cel featuring his astral form at the end of Be Invoked appeared in an Ideon book, but was not used in the final cut of the film.