Sole Appearance: Episode 36 - "Goodbye Solo Ship"

Galbaba was one of the advance units of Doba's armada, leading a force of seven battleships. He was engaged to a lady named Miya. When his flotilla arrived in Earth's solar system, he found the colonists abandoning the Solo Ship. He planned to board it, but was interrupted by Franklin's Earth Union squadron, who planned to do the same.

His forces easily overwhelmed the Union ships, but while they were fighting the colonists re-boarded the Solo Ship and dispatched the Ideon to battle Galbaba's fleet. Thanks to a firing trajectory calculated by Deck the Ideon Gun then annihilated all seven battleships, including Galbaba, leaving only a handful of light mecha surviving.

Galbaba's spirit was reunited with that of his beloved Miya (presumably killed when Buff was destroyed by meteors) after the final battle between the colonists and the Buff Clan.