First Appearance: Episode 28 - "Wrath of the Wave Leader Gun"
Final Appearance: "Be Invoked"

Supreme Commander of the Buff Clan military, Doba planned to overthrow Emperor Zuou and take control of Buff himself. His precise reasons for doing this were unknown, apart from that he genuinely felt it was better for the race. While much of the military was loyal to him, he forged an alliance with the Ome Foundation and also sent units out to find the Ide.

Of his two daughters, he felt more affinity with Harulu due to her more forceful personality - Doba never had the son he wanted, and seemed to mould Harulu into a surrogate male. When various units under the command of Abadede, Harulu, the Ome Foundation and Rukuku failed to claim the Solo Ship and the Ideon, he sent out himself with a massive fleet from Buff.

As he closed on the colonists, the Ide transported the estranged Karala to his flagship, the Bairal Jin. She attempted to negotiate a peace, but he was disgusted by her falling pregnant with Bes' child and tried to kill her. Karala escaped, and Doba ordered his fleet to destroy the Solo Ship. After several ploys failed, he delegated command to Harulu, only for her to die soon afterwards. Realising he was not righteous enough to possess the Ide, he felt no other option was open to him other than attempting to destroy the colonists for the pain they had caused him. He also tired of Ome Foundation leader Gindoro and his cowardice, killing him. Doba then fell back to the Gando Rowa and tried to finish off the colonists. When the Ideon continued to attack, he ordered the super weapon to be fired at point blank range, accepting its' destruction in exchange for wiping out most of his own men. When his officers discovered this plan, they rebelled and shot him seconds before the Ideon, the Gando Rowa and pretty much everything else for a few light years were wiped out.

His spirit appeared with that of Zuou and indicated his respect and awe at Cosmo and Kasha.