First Appearance: Episode 21 - "Sink the Enemy Battleship"
Final Appearance: Episode 30 - "Desperate Sniper"

Daram grew up with Harulu in Kilm Forest on Buff, and later embarked on a relationship with her. However, this went sour, and he disappeared from view. He later resurfaced working for the Ome Foundation, and rescued Harulu when the Dorowa Zan was destroyed by the Ideon. Having recruited Gije, he then set about trying to capture the Sixth Civilisation machinery for the Foundation. His first plan was on a much bigger scale than any used up to that point, launching a Sublight missile attack on Kyaral in order to draw the colonists out. This worked, although he was unable to capture the Ideon. A further attempt to capture the robot from Stagra was also thwarted.

Daram was then on the receiving end of a combined attack by both the colonists and the surviving Kyaral forces which saw most of his force wiped out, including his Dabro Zan ship. Daram himself escaped, killing Kitty Kitten while on the planet's surface. He then attacked again, and followed the colonists to the moon. After another failure he abandoned Gije there before attacking once more. This time he found an Earth Squadron defending the moon - he bested Admiral Limitter's forces easily enough, but his Gerowa Zan was destroyed by the Ideon Gun.

Having escaped, he was then picked up by Rukuku's fleet. She was loyal to the Emperor and had little time for Daram, but did lend him a damaged Galbo Jick to attack the Ideon on Earth. This ship was soon knocked out, and he challenged Cosmo to a personal duel. His plan was to draw all the colonists into the open and then trigger a nuclear device he had on his person, killing himself and everyone else. However, one of his subordinates lost his cool and blurted this out, and Daram was shot by Gije before he could trigger the bomb.

He left a video message for Harulu recorded shortly before this suicide mission, which led to the death of Rukuku when she viewed it without permission. His spirit was eventually reunited with Harulu after the Ide had wiped both races out.

Daram's death is heavily modified in A Contact - he is killed when the Ideon Swords destroy the Gerowa Zan above the moon.