First Appearance: Episode 1 - "Ideon Resurrected"
Final Appearance: Episode 16 - "Damido's Lethal Strategy"

An ambitious soldier, Damido Pechi was assigned with Gije to escort Lady Karala to Logo Dau. Unlike Gije, he had no real attachment to her, and saw the subsequent battles with the colonists as a chance to forward his military career, preferably at the expense of his comrade.

However, even his more ruthless streak had no more success against the Ideon, and his plans failed on several occasions. That his plans always revolved around firing hooks at the robot from Gil Bau fighters didn't really help, and he was eventually badly injured employing this tactic shortly after Harulu's arrival.

On his recovery, Harulu gave him one last chance to redeem himself. He again used hook tactics, but this time from the Zigg Mack heavy mobile mecha. However, any chances of success were undone when the Ideon found new levels of power and destroyed his mecha, killing him in the process.

His spiritual form did appear along with most of the others on the way to the reborn Earth, where he was bizarrely paired with Mayaya - despite the fact they never even spoke in the series.

In the film version of events from A Contact, Damido is a minor character - his rivalry with Gije is only hinted at, and he's killed before events move away from Solo when his first hook attack is undone and his Gil Bau is destroyed by a missile from the Ideon.