First Appearance: Episode 3 - "The Bursting Earth"
Final Appearance: Episode 10 - "Surprise Attack of the Bajin"

Abadede was the immediate superior of Gije and Damido and the first Buff Clan commander to be called in to help tackle the colonists. He was married with a son, and an expert in Null Space combat.

He generally took a hands-off approach, content to let Gije and Damido continue in their attempts to blow up the Solo Ship and rescue or kill Karala Karala as well, respectively. He even indulged or ignored their inability to work together.

Harulu's imminent arrival spurred him into action however, and he used his knowledge of the Bajin as part of a plan to kill the colonists before she arrived and boost his own standing. He tried to trick the alien lifeform into destroying the Solo Ship and the Ideon for him - however, Cosmo was able to work out his plan and turn it back on him, and Abadede was killed when the Bajin destroyed his Dogg Mack Heavy Mecha.