RX-77 Guncannon, RX-78 Gundam , RX-75 GuntankFirst things first, I have absolutely no idea whether this is genuine or not. There was a Combination Junior set as part of Gundam, pictures of which can be seen here (taken from Toybox DX's excellent Clover Datafile ). Clover did farm out the licence to other companies around the world (notably Ceppi Ratti, an Italian company who were one of the few to option the moulds in the West for their domestic market), so there's a chance this one is kosher.

The graphics are basically the same as the Clover release and all the text is correctly translated. The set bears the mark of a Korean company called SKK. However, the figures themselves don't bear a massive resemblance to the Japanese versions. I'm not especially fussed either way, to be blunt - I got the set for a cheap Clover-styled Guntank and Guncannon, and it just about manages that.

SKK Gundam Combination JuniorThe idea of the Combination Junior set is that all three robots can split in half to accommodate a tiny Core Fighter, and swap around to produce crazy combinations (Guntank's body with Gundam's legs, and so on). My set is missing around half the pieces (so using the word 'set' is probably pushing things a bit), including the Core Fighter, the Guncannon legs, Guntank's weapons, Gundam's fists and Gundam's Beam Saber, so sadly I wasn't able to go completely insane and try out all these wacky combos. Thankfully the idea of the actual robot body halves being interchangeable didn't make it to the cartoon.

SKK Gundam Combination JuniorThe quality of the figures is only about a notch up from plastic model kits - fairly thin plastic all over, but with a middling level of detail. Where the Japanese release is covered in chrome, this one favours more show-accurate dark grey.

SKK Gundam Combination JuniorGuncannon is actually rather well done, quite close to the animation model on the whole but without losing the chunky charm of Clover's toys. This is pretty impressive, as it actually has Gundam's legs here - the red is slightly darker on these and the shape is a little different, but they're a good enough substitute for me.

Interestingly, the head is made of soft rubber - presumably to make it more durable when it's popped on or off. Articulation is restricted to the shoulders and wrists while the head can turn. The grey arms really look much better than the chrome on the Japanese version too, even if they are broken up with red stickers.

Guncannon has three attachment points for weaponry. The first is in the right fist, where the robot can hold the Beam Rifle in the set. There are also a pair of attachment points in the shoulders which can hold the missile launchers in the set - Guncannon has the right ones in the photo to the left. I'm missing the projectiles, but it actually looks better without - the suit's called Guncannon, not Gunlauncher after all.

SKK Gundam Combination JuniorI've developed something of a soft spot for Guntank, what with its' weird construction (the top half of a mobile suit, the bottom half of a tank), complete uselessness in the cartoon, and vague resemblance to Wall-E.

SKK Gundam Combination JuniorAgain, for a basic figure in a set like this, Guntank is well-handled. The shape is spot-on - I guess it helps that the Guntank is clunky and awkward in the anime. The toy certainly looks the part, with the weird arms and cockpit head.

The arms move at the shoulder, while the head (again made out of some sort of rubber) turns. Once more, it looks much better with dark grey rather than chrome. The red on the waist isn't, by the looks of it, part of the knockoff - it looks like it's been painted on badly by the previous owner. Tsk, tsk - though it does look better.

Guntank has four attachment points - one on each shoulder, and one of the outside of each of the treads. I don't have any of the accessories for this one (the set looks like it should include the recognisable 45° cannons for the shoulders), but Guncannon's launchers (in the picture to the right) look the part well enough, while unlike the other figures in the set it does have the built-in weapons on the 'arms'.

SKK Gundam Combination JuniorSKK Gundam Combination JuniorWhere the set really drops the ball, though, is Gundam itself. Now, it should be stated here that the colours on this version aren't particularly close to those of the Clover release - that had a chromed head and legs, and while it didn't look much like the TV version, it was at least in keeping with Clover's other Gundam figures. Those are, unbelievably, the figure's correct legs, I just swipe them for the Guncannon.

It plain looks bad like this - the chrome may have chipped off the head of mine, but it's still a rather tacky rendition. The fists can fire (these both have drilled holes, and can hold either the Beam Cannon or the silver bar that seems to pass as a Beam Saber in the Clover set) or be replaced with missiles, while the shield can attach to the arm, and there are holes for the Hyper Bazooka (nicely rendered, unlike on other Clover Gundams) in either shoulder.

The condition of mine doesn't help matters, of course, and the Clover version looks a lot better with all the chrome and paint apps. However, I find the standard Diecast Gundam figure to work much better with Guncannon and Guntank, as pictured above.

The Combination Junior set would seem to have been designed as a pocket money option, much like the Popy designs produced by Victoria or Mark's take on Takatoku's output. For me, this version gave me a nice, cheap way of picking up Clover-esque renditions of Guncannon and Guntank with Gundam ignored in favour of the better versions available (it's very bizarre that they would do a good Guntank, a passable Guncannon and an awful Gundam). The combination configuration option would probably have very limited appeal even if I had all the parts, however. That said, Guntank seems to have been unfairly shunned by most other lines aside from the odd model kit, which is a plus for this set. Recommended only for Clover completists unless you can find one cheap.