Compared to many of its' contemporary converting robots competitors Gobots was quite low on off-road vehicles. There was Small Foot of course but aside from that it was only Clutch, produced for the Western range rather than Machine Robo.

Tonka redressed the balance slightly for the Wendy's figures by creating Pow Wow. Apparently his main thing was to pretend to be a Guardian in order to conquer Earth for the Renegades. I'm not entirely sure how that would work.


Pow Wow's card claims he turns into a camper but he doesn't - it's more of a Land Rover type thing but they all look the same so the exact mode could be anything. He's a good companion for Beamer (right down to using identical wheels) with the same boxy simple construction.

He's a nice shade of blue with a red underside-slash-trim much like Beamer's black arrangement - also featuring the same overlapping parts to allow easy arm extraction. The similarities continue with three painted windows and uncoloured rear ones. The bio is actually quite a neat touch as he does look very Guardian in strong primary colours.


Pow Wow does have a much changed robot mode to Beamer, now officially his opposite number. Sadly neither of the changes are for the best. Firstly instead of the arms being pulled out of the side they just hinge out and away from the body. More terminally the shoulders are at the same level as Beamer's but instead of the head being mounted directly above them it's an additional piece that extends from the from, meaning either his arms are coming out of the top of his hips or he has a neck the same size as his torso.

While the red and blue continues to work well, aided by more detail and yellow paint apps (two different colours of paint used!) and the head mould itself is adequate the robot just can't overcome such a comical layout.


Pow Wow's got such a great name and such a cute vehicle mode I really wanted to like him, but I just can't. He's funny, but it's something of a missed opportunity - mounting the head between the front axle instead of using a separate piece would have made for a much better little toy.

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1985, Gobots: Pow Wow (Wendy's Restaurant Exclusive)