The Monster Renegade Gobots seemed to have been one of the more popular batches of figures. The initial trio - Vamp, Scorp and Pincher - stayed in shipping assortments until the line ended and featured fairly regularly in the cartoon series. They were later reinforced by Creepy and Bladez, not to mention Western exclusives Hornet, Klaws and Bugsie and the Super Gobot version of Vamp.

Therefore it made sense that a similar figure would be added to the Wendy's promotional toys, resulting in Odd Ball.


The monster designation gives Tonka free reign to have Odd Ball turn into whatever they like and they don't disappoint. He's a big purple block with curiously arm-shaped wings, though the design isn't exactly unpleasant. It looks like some great big shuttle type craft and actually taps into the same sort of design ethos as the Command Centre and Thruster playsets. Though obviously Odd Ball is only about an inch and a half long.

The purple's quite nice and someone at Tonka went completely and utterly mental with the paint applications, with orange strips on the back of the ship for no apparent reason and a silver cockpit. I guess some money was freed up by utilising only one shade of plastic.


Odd Ball's transformation is every bit as simple as the other Wendy's figures, involving standing the space ship on its' tail, extending the front half and turning to cockpit around to reveal the head. Well I say revealed but it's plain and clear on the bottom of the space ship mode.

The result has the same sort of amiable tattiness as the other Wendy's figures, though things are a little smoother due to the unconventional layout and monster get-out. I especially like the big flat looming arms. And he's got an articulated neck - by complete accident of course, but nevertheless a Gobot with an articulated neck is a rare thing indeed.


By not even trying to be a proper Gobot Odd Ball is one of the more successful Wendy's toys. With a bit of diecast and independent legs he wouldn't be embarrassed by the likes of Bugsie and Hornet certainly.

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1985, Gobots: Odd Ball (Wendy's Restaurant Exclusive)