One of the many strange and curious things about Gobots is that unlike most contemporary lines it had a rough parity between the good guys and the bad guys. I did do a count once and it worked out at something like 52% to 48%, close enough to level. For the Wendy's figures this ratio was maintained with a straight 3-3 split across the six toys. Breez was one of the three Renegades offered.

Cracking intro, right?


Breez turns into a twin-bladed helicopter of an unclear model, though there are a few hints in the tail to suggest it might be a somewhat deformed Boeing Sea Knight. Which is a bit unfortunate as the Renegades already have a tan Sea Knight in the shape of Twin Spin. Not only does this make Breez rather less individual than he could have been but it really shows up just how cheap he is.

It's a very chubby helicopter even allowing for the necessary evil of the big thick circular 'blades' but once again retains a pre-school charm.


The similarities to Twin Spin carry over to Breez's transformation and robot mode. The rear engine folding around to form the feet and the helicopter blades attaching to the outside of the wrists would seem to be direct lifts from the regular figure. The whole thing is much simplified as would be expected. It's enough to suggest that Breez might have started life as a simplified version of Twin Spin before the decision was made to use new characters for the Wendy's promotion.

He's an odd little thing as well. The all-over tan makes him the cheapest looking of the Wendy's figures despite some respectable stabs at making the sparse paint applications stand out. The wrist-mounted blades do at least make him stand about a bit from his fellows but overall he's very bland.


Breez really isn't much good. He's sturdy and a bit cute but the bottom line is he overlaps with Twin Spin. It's not a comparison that does Breez many favours and it basically undoes any need to own him.

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1985, Gobots: Breez (Wendy's Restaurant Exclusive)

2 x Rotor discs