Another Western-only design (mooted for the Machine Robo line, but later aborted), Gunnyr came out in the final Gobots series in late 1986, one of the last Renegades released. The US version was bright red with yellow insignia, while the European Robo Machine version (coded RM-61) was dark green, with red insignia.

The character got a third primarily cream colour scheme for his animated appearances (many of the third series Gobots have early schemes in the final few episodes), initially as the overlord of an underground Renegade society in the episode "The Gobots That Time Forgot". Later on, he would appear as one of Cy-Kill's airborne lackeys in "Mission Gobotron". Obviously, he spoke with a thick, slightly stilted Russian accent.


I had the European version when I was a kid, and because of this Gunnyr (love that name) was near the top of my list of Gobots to reacquire. However, as soon as I saw pictures of the US version, I knew it was the one I wanted (well, I've bought both, but I got the American version first). Gunnyr's alternate mode is a MiG-21 "Fishbed" fighter, which is a nice little aircraft. The scale goes nicely with the likes of Mach-3, Sky Jack and even earlier figures like Leader-1 and Bad Boy, while the detail is much better than other later jets like Heat Seeker and Bullseye.

The bright red really does look very sharp - it's not quite as orange-tinged as my photography makes it look. The one-tone scheme really works, though they really didn't need to carry it down to the wheels. The chromed payload and blue cockpit contrast nicely, while the minimal decals really work. The only real problem is the giant black screw in the left side.


Changing to robot is very similar to Mach-3, though the changes to the arms and legs make all the difference to the end result. Having the nose split in half and become the arms is a lot neater, and he looks more like a robot with wings on the back than a jet standing on its' tail.

However, Gunnyr's not brilliant, truth be told. I mean, he hasn't got any hands. You sort of get used to that for Gobots. On 1980s Transformers, having articulation is something that makes you sit up and pay attention. For Gobots, if they have hands it's impressive. But Gunnyr doesn't have hands. They were probably taken by Stalin for The People or something. Still, the neat design is a little different, and there's something interesting about him.


Gunnyr is a pretty simple average mould with a snappy colour scheme. He's a nice later Renegade to get (he's not some random bloody metal monster that looks suspiciously like an ugly robot lying down, for a start), but he's not worth breaking the bank for. Like many Gobots, keep an eye out for one chucked in a job lot on ebay, as individually he can fetch a little. Once again, the European version is a lot more common, but in this case a lot less fun. A solid if unspectacular figure, lifted by his undoubted RoboCommunist status.

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1986, Gobots Series 3 - 71: Gunnyr
1986, Robo Machine - RM-61: Gunnyr (green recolour)