Evil Rock Lord
Igneous rock
Other Names: Devilrock (Japan)


Unlike many of his fellow Rock Lords, Magmar seems to have had very little design evolution. Whereas catalogues show many of the other figures as having alternate schemes and mouldings until very late in the day, Magmar's alterations mainly seem to have been to his paint masks.

Rock Lord BoulderThus Magmar is one of the most toy-accurate characters seen in Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords, with what changes are made (green parts replaced by more orange) probably being intentional simplification on Hanna-Barbera's part. In the film, of course, Magmar was voiced by Telly Savalas. Admittedly a particularly bored Telly Savalas, but Telly Savalas nonetheless. The Japanese version of the toy, seen in the anime Revenge of Cronos, replaced the orange paint applications with purple, and used a lighter shade of green for the 'internal' parts, but is otherwise largely identical to the Western release.

Rock Lords MagmarSadly, Magmar's rock form suffers from a problem that affects several other figures from the range, in that it completely fails to convince it's anything other than a Rock Lord folded up. The arms and legs are blatant, and combine with the figure's transformation pattern to give the impression of an incredibly flexible gymnast midway through a forward roll. Which is ironic, as Magmar can't roll himself due to being nearly cubic.

The ruddy-brown colour isn't bad, nor is the ridged detail, and it looks less like human shit that the picture to the left would have it.

Rock Lords MagmarIf you can't guess Magmar's transformation straight off the bat it's probably time to call in at your local euthanasia clinic and just do the right thing. Once again, though, simple is effective, and that you can switch Magmar between modes in around five seconds means he's never frustrating.

Rock Lords MagmarWhere the Naughty Rock Lords score over, say, most Renegades is that they were clearly designed to be bastards. I'm not sure who designed them and for what purpose (though I'd hazard a guess they were designed for Tonka, then annexed by Bandai's determined efforts to put as little design budget into the Revenge of Cronos line as possible), but unlike, say, Cy-Kill or Cop-Tur, the toys actually look villainous. The neckless Magmar, with his mottled mohawk and malevolent eyes, is a case in point. The figure has passable articulation in the arms, and the legs can be moved very slightly without totally unbalancing him (he also uses the neat trick seen numerous Machine Robo figures, where folding the legs down simultaneously moves them apart a small but significant distance, voiding the singular stumps seen in numerous contemporary Transformers).

Much like opposite number Boulder, Magmar is solid but unspectacular. His transformation and rock form are maybe the least convincing of the whole series, but his robot mode has a surprising amount of personality, while the detailing is done to the hilt. Like most of the first series Rock Lords he's cheap to pick up, and you could do worse for that sort of money.