The seventh and final Scalerobo DX figure was modelled on Porsche's popular 930T model. The range never quite took off compared to the ¥600 Machine Robo Series - successive attempts to market larger figures, such as the 1985 Big Machine Robo or the ill-advised switch to much larger figures for the Battlehackers range (which killed off the 1980s incarnation of Machine Robo) would all be failures, it's fair to say. Interestingly Tonka would have the same problem marketing larger Gobots figures in America. On the other hand, judging by the fact some of them were issued three times, the Scalerobo figures seem to have gone down well in Europe.

The 930T is best recognised in its' silver incarnation, where it would go on to be the Super Gobot Baron Von Joy. However, the Japanese market also received a primarily white version which didn't come out anywhere else. It's extremely rare.


The Porsche 930T is a sharp car - I've always liked the slightly wider, flatter shape over the more acclaimed 911 series. This is a very nice, solid rendering - like much of the Scalerobo range, the join lines are noticeable but that's it. The subtle details are what win me over here, such as the tiny Porsche badge on the bonnet. I guess this version is meant to have Porsche decals on the side doors as well, like the silver version, but it looks pretty good without them anyway and for my personal collection adds a little variation.

The interior isn't particularly detailed, the only clear thing you can see being what look like four tiny guns behind the windscreen, though these are fixed and don't raise over the bonnet. The bonnet itself and the rear wheel arches are diecast, but once again the paint matching is perfect. The white scheme does lack the impact of the usual silver, but it's nice enough in its' own right. However, the white paint does seem more prone to chipping and scuffing than its' silver counterpart. I'd also imagine the plastic yellows easily - I'm grateful to whoever owned this one on its' cross-continental journey for really looking after this example. The Porsche does have a weapon in the shape of a twin cannon that can be mounted on the roof. As this is styled somewhat after a roof-rack, so it doesn't look as out of place as these things can - however, I still prefer the uncluttered look of it being off in vehicle mode.


The transformation is again straightforward, and follows much the same route as the Scalerobo Porsche 928, Fairlady-Z and Volkswagen moulds. The 930T feels lighter with more plastic involved yet is probably the sturdiest of the lot, and uses the regular MRDX leg layout of the limbs being attached by a fork connected to the torso (rather than flipping out of the rear of the car, like the Datsun and 928S). Oddly, the mecha stance has weakened slightly since the first figures - there's no sign of a driver/operator, while there are a couple of green stickers on the front of the head which might generously pass as eyes. Considering this figure was the last of the range and the previous release was the more conventional Saladin Mk. II toy, I wonder if there was some sort of late change to this one - maybe the mech-like designs were seen as a reason for the range failing?

Anyway, the robot itself is solid. The non-chromed limbs are much less prone to wear than other moulds from the series, and in general the figure is sturdier - you see much fewer of these in a damaged state second-hand than the other Scalerobo figures. Shame they stuck with red as the secondary colour on the white variant - not that it looks bad - it looks very good - but switching it out for black or grey might have looking just as good, while also providing a contrast to the silver variant. In this mode, the gun can either be mounted on the head, or held in either hand. In line with the sturdier construction of the figure itself, the accessory is made of softer, less brittle plastic than the Volkswagen's gun.


There's little wrong with this figure once you accept the unusual design philosophy of the robot mode, and while it's very much a product of its' time it's nicely made and well thought-out. However, the white version is for serious completists only (unless you're a jammy bastard like I am) - Tonka/Bandai Europe made the right choice going with the silver type and while there's not much wrong with the white variant, it's by no means superior.

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1984, Machine Robo Scalerobo Series - MRDX-07: Porsche 930 Turbo (silver version)
1984, Machine Robo Scalerobo Series - MRDX-07: Porsche 930 Turbo (white version)
1984, Robo Machine - Robo Machine DX:
Porsche 930 (silver version)
1984, Gobots Super Gobots Series 1 - 025: Baron Von Joy (silver version)
1984, Robo Machine - Super Gobots: Baron Von Joy (silver version)
1993, Robo Machines - De Luxe Sports Coupe II (silver version)

1 x Gun