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The Battle Tribe and Jet Tribe troops - helped by Gattai Saurer, Rockdon and Rockgiran - are pouring into the Gyandlar ship but Baikanfu's party are still in trouble. Diondra is devastated that Gadess would sacrifice her and slips into insanity. Gadess is able to use the four elements to access the Hyribead. His armour falls away to reveal his true form - an aged, deformed creature- his goal has always been to use the Hyribead to become young and strong again. He grows to the same size as his armour. Despite his injuries Jet is able to free Baikanfu and the others - Gadess having secured the room from the inside but not the outside. Tough Trailer tries to persuade Diondra to come with them but she ignores him, staying behind and pleading with Gadess for forgiveness. Jet tells Rom of Leina's capture and they all set off to rescue her. Outside, the condition of Cronos itself continues to worsen, its' end in sight as the magnetic poles continue to move. Leina begs Gadess to use the Hyribead to save the planet but he refuses. Grujios asks for eternal life too and Gadess grants him his wish - by absorbing his loyal subordinate into his own body. He offers Leina the same, dragging her towards him.

Rom and his squad arrive in time to save Leina from Gadess' clutches. He attacks them with the Hyribead and is impervious to their weaponry but Gardi appears and challenges Gadess. In the rest of the ship the remaining Gyandlar forces are surrendering. Gardi is however partly sucked into Gadess' body. He throws his sword to Rom - the Wolf Sword and the Star Sword combined will be enough to kill Gadess. He implores Rom to use the weapons on Gadess and himself. Reasoning that it is what Kirai would want, Rom combines the swords and slices Gadess in half. Gadess and Gardi blink out of existence and the four elements of the Hyribead appear on his person. He combines the Hyribead with the Wolf symbols scattered around the planet, harnessing the energy to restore Cronos. Kenryû and Baikanfu return to statue form as Rom and Leina survey the rejoicing people and realise this was all foreseen by their father. With the Gyandlar defeated, Rom, Leina and some of the others set off into space to find out the truth of their origins. They launch into space towards the dimensional gateway Jigen, which Rom warns may change their memories and appearance. As they reach it Rom and Leina turn into humans and embrace.


The purpose of the Wolf symbols is finally fully revealed - they were placed around the planet by Kirai in anticipation of this crisis. Kenryû and Baikanfu changing back to stone heavily implies that the statues seen in the first episode were the real things in dormant form - now the crisis has passed they are no longer needed.

Diondra presumably dies in the melting room. Jet's visor is smashed by (a) Zarios, revealing he has a normal pair of eyes underneath. At the end of the episode he has got a new one from somewhere - in a nice bit of continuity this is made explicit; he polishes the thing before fixing it in place. The Battle Base force contains a lot of random weird generics and (intentionally?) miscoloured troops, a weird throwback to the earlier episodes. Dancougar and Zambot-3 are seen in the crowd watching Rom and company leave at the end.

The dimensional gate is used to set up the next two Machine Robo series. Two OVA series (one of three episodes and one standalone) follow the fate of Rom and Leina (who leave aboard Big Shuttle Robo) - Leina: Wolf Sword Legend and Lightning Trap - Leina & Laika. These distance themselves almost entirely from the Machine Robo toyline. Everyone else - without their memories - ends up in Machine Robo: Battle Hackers, a TV anime series. Revenge of Cronos itself continued for three more clipshow episodes.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Leina Stol, Minmei, Rom Stol, Guardi Stol, Kirai Stol, Misu.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Pro Truck Racer, Tough Trailer, Rod Drill, Triple Jim, Bulldozer Robo (cameo), Fire Robo, Police Robo, F-1 Jack, Ambulance Robo (cameo), Jeep Robo, Combat Buggy, Bulldozer Robo (cameo), Off Road Robo (cameo), Truck Robo (cameo), Helitranser, DrillHeli (cameo), Judô Robo (cameo), Karate Robo (cameo), Bike Robo, Battle Robo (cameo), Battleship Robo (cameo), Wrestler Robo (cameo), Kendô Robo, Sidelancer (cameo), Skyline Robo (cameo), Harley Robo (cameo), Ambulance Robo, Porsche Robo (cameo).

Jet Tribe Featured: Blue Jet, Phantom Robo (cameo), Eagle Robo (cameo), Falcon Robo (cameo), Blackbird Robo (cameo), Cessna Robo (cameo), Shuttle Robo (cameo), Big Shuttle Robo (cameo), Doublejet (cameo).

Rock People Featured: Sand Rock (cameo), Amber Man, Rockdon, Rockgiran, Gattai Saurer, Diamond Man, Ruby Man, Mask Rock (cameo), Double Rock, Magna Rock.

Gyandlar Featured: Gadess, Diondra, Casmodon, Zarios, Baldas, Gildis, Falgos, Grujios.


Very nearly an excellent finale. The only downside is the sequel-hunting ending setting up the OVAs, which feels tacked on - it's not thoroughly explained why Rom and company are going, where they're going or who they're going with. Aside from that it's superb, tying together a surprising amount of stuff into a coherent whole. Just about everyone who's done anything in the series is thrown in here somewhere even if it's just a little background cameo.

After a terrible start Revenge of Cronos finishes pretty well.