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Garudi reveals that luring Baikanfu and the others into the Gyandlar throne room was a trap devised by Gadess. They are sealed in the room and Garudi charges Baikanfu, who refuses the help of the others and insists on combatting his arch-foe himself. A vicious duel begins. Outside the Battle Base finally launches and chases after Grujios and the Varigale-X, aided by Gattai Saurer, Mask Rock and Cross Rock. Inside the ship Baikanfu manages to get the upper hand in battle before Diondra reveals that Garudi is Rom's brother. Garudi's flashbacks suddenly make sense to him and a stunned Baikanfu lowers his sword. Diondra urges Garudi to take the opportunity to kill Baikanfu but he is unsure. Elsewhere in the ship Leina tries to persuade Jet to go and help Rom, and he eventually gives in. However as he goes he is attacked by Gadess. Jet fights back despite having little chance against the Gyandlar, his sword shattering on Gadess' armour. Unbowed, Jet transforms and attacks again.

Gadess impales Jet, who implores Leina to escape and tries to battle Gadess again with the broken sword despite his injuries. However, Gadess shrugs him off and soon chases Leina down, trapping her on a gantry inside the ship. He offers to spare her if she joins him. She refuses and attacks him but is soon subdued. He imprisons her and shows her the battle between Rom and Garudi, crowing about the brothers trying to kill each other as Gadess' plan involves harnessing the anger of the Stol clan. Garudi is becoming more and more distracted by his memories. He realises he has been brainwashed by Gadess. Baikanfu splits him in half, releasing his brother Gardi from his imprisonment in the Garudi armour. The watching Gadess is furious and begins melting the room they are all trapped in, causing Gardi to fall through the floor. Grujios then arrives with the Wolf Sword and the Dragon Helmet. The Battle Base has also reached the ship, allowing Kendô Robo and the rest of the Machine Robo to attack. However, Gadess now has all four elements while Baikanfu and the others remain trapped and Jet's life hangs in the balance.


Kirai took his three children to Cronos, convinced it was their destiny to learn the Heavenly Punch art and stop Gadess. Gardi Stol, his oldest son, was his chosen apprentice. He chose Cronos because the Wolf Swords can draw on the planet's energy. Their ship was attacked by the Gyandlar as it approached the planet and Gardi was lost in an escape pod, believed dead by the others. In fact he had been captured by Gadess, tortured and rebuilt as Garudi. Flashbacks showning the full story have been seen intermittently in the second half of the series. It's not explained why he decided to give his new brainwashed apprentice a name that is only one letter away from his secret identity, or why the other Stol kids don't really seem to have remembered Gardi.

This episode seemingly confirms there are multiple Devil Satan 6 units as another combats Gattai Saurer despite the events of last episode. Which undermines that part and their interaction with Diondra somewhat. It's possible this sequence was planned to happen before their battle with Baikanfu and it just got moved around. To be honest I'd prefer to think Devil Satan 6's appearance here is just a massive continuity error.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Leina Stol, Minmei, Rom Stol, Kirai Stol.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Pro Truck Racer, Tough Trailer, Rod Drill, Kendô Robo, Jeep Robo, Missile Robo (cameo), Truck Robo (cameo), Mixer Robo (cameo), Supercar Robo, Combat Buggy (cameo), Bike Robo (cameo), Police Robo (cameo), Judô Robo (cameo), Missile Robo (cameo).

Jet Tribe Featured: Blue Jet.

Rock People Featured: Ruby Man (cameo), Diamond Man, Devil Rock, Cross Rock, Mask Rock (cameo), Blood Rock, Gattai Saurer, Amazon Rock (cameo).

Gyandlar Featured: Diondra, Garudi, Diondra, Casmodon, Baldas, Falgos, Gildis, Zarios, Devil Satan 6.


Another very good episode. Jet trying to take on Gadess is great, the Gardi Stol reveal is well-handled even though we've all seen it coming a long way off and there's a lot more being pulled into place here than I honestly expected there to be. Seatbelts buckled.

One annoyance is the resurrection or genericisation of Devil Satan 6 so late in the day for such a piddling little unnecessary scene.