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An electrical storm knocks out the security systems and communications onboard the Battle Base. After Supercar Robo is killed trying to repair the damage Kendô Robo deduces that the storms are intentionally hitting key points and are not natural. They trace it to a Gyandlar weather machine and plan to get volatile explosives - consisting of Alpha and Beta compounds - from Gurian to detroy it. The problem is that the explosives only have a three-hour lifespan which leaves little margin for safety. Pro Truck Racer suggests sending the Wheelmen as they're both fast and experts on explosives. The others point out that they're smugglers but Rom rules that they have no other choice. Rom, Bike Robo and Pro Truck Racer set off to ask them. As soon as they go Diondra attacks the damaged Battle Base. The trio soon find F-1 Jack and Hot Rod Joe, who agree to help after a little persuasion from Bike Robo. However, Garudi sees the party leave and follows them. Back at the Battle Base Jet and Land Commander 5 lead the defence until they are badly damaged by the Gyandlar lightning machine. Rom's group arrives in Gurian and collects the explosives, packing one part in Pro Truck Racer and the other in F-1 Jack.

F-1 Jack has to stop to change a wheel so passes his part of the device over to Hot Rod Joe. He urges the rest to carry on. Once the convoy is out of sight he speaks to a trio of Gyandlar Rocks, revealing that he and Joe had intended to sell Rom out but they have changed their mind due to the presence of Bike Robo. They attack him but Rom and Pro Truck Racer have also stayed behind, suspicious of Jack's behaviour. He explains that the Gyandlar threatened to kill the Wheelmen if they didn't co-operate. Rom forgives him. They defeat the Rocks and set off to catch back up with Bike Robo and Joe, now carrying both components and under attack from Garudi. The pair split up so Bike Robo can draw off Garudi's heat-seeking missiles, leaving Joe continuing alone. Rom, Jack and Pro Truck Racer arrive in time to stop Garudi from destroying him. They all arrive with just five minutes to spare and the Battle Base heavily damaged. Baikanfu distracts the Gyandlar forces so Pro Truck Racer can fire the explosives at the Gyandlar. The lightning machine is destroyed and the Gyandlar retreat. Rom welcomes Jack and Joe to the Machine Robo force as everyone celebrates their victory.


Bike Robo previously helped the Wheelmen by getting Metal Laster after they were caught in acid rain.

The two-component explosive is clearly a reference to the atomic bomb.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Rom Stol, Leina Stol, Minmei.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Supercar Robo, Skyline Robo (cameo), Jeep Robo, Rod Drill, Pro Truck Racer, Buggy Robo, Kendô Robo, Tough Trailer (cameo), Helitranser (cameo), Bike Robo, F-1 Jack, Hot Rod Joe, Fire Robo, Triple Jim, Missile Robo (cameo), Porsche Robo (cameo), Ambulance Robo (cameo), Jûdô Robo, Battle Robo (cameo), Police Robo (cameo).

Jet Tribe Featured: Blue Jet, Doublejet (cameo), Falcon Robo, Shuttle Robo (cameo), Phantom Robo (cameo).

Rock People Featured: Mask Rock (cameo), Sand Rock, Amazon Rock, Blood Rock.

Gyandlar Featured: Devil Satan 6, Diondra, Garudi.

Errors: If the Wheelmen are the only guys fast enough to collect the explosives why do they travel in convoy with Pro Truck Racer and Bike Robo, who will just slow them down?


Mediocre and contrived. The whole 'race against time' thing doesn't come across when hours translate to minutes, when we're shown so little of what happens at the Battle Base in parallel and when there's the nonsense of the fast couriers being accompanied by three slower regulars.

Adding two more characters into the mix when the likes of Tough Trailer, Mask Rock and the Jewel Men have done so little of late isn't a great idea either. When is the Battle Base going to do something other than get attacked anyway?