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The Rock People join Rom's forces on the Battle Base and Ruby Man alludes to there being a third Jewel robot missing. The absentee is Amber Man, enjoying a peaceful retreat in a forest. Nearby Cross Rock is being pursued by Diondra. His absence is noted by Jim, so Jet and Phantom Robo set out to fit him. They spot Amber Man's fortress and inform Rom. Diamond Man and Ruby Man warn them that Amber Man enjoys solitude and is disinterested in the war. He attacks the pair and they lose contact with the Battle Base. The activity is spotted by Grujios, who informs Gadess. Rom, Jim, Leina, Diamond Man and Ruby Man set out to find Jet and Phantom Robo. On finding his fortress Rom goes in alone, leaving the Wolf Sword with Leina to prove his peaceful intentions. However this development is spotted by the Gyandlar. Inside his tower Amber Man has Diondra, Jet and Phantom Robo imprisoned, refusing to release them because of their warlike behaviour. Rom is attacked by Gyandlar when he reaches the tower, their stray blasts hitting the walls. Amber Man mistakes the blasts as an assault by Rom and activates the defences, incapacitating all of them. This causes the Wolf Sword to glow and Leina runs towards the tower realising something must have happened to Rom. Amber Man dismisses Rom's pleas to join the fight for Cronos but Cross Rock appears and tries to explain the situation. Just then Garudi bursts in, having evaded the defences. He frees Diondra and they try and persuade Amber Man to tell them about the Hyribead by claiming to be a force for good. He tells them the secret of the Hyribead can be found from four elements - the Dragon Helmet, the Lion Shield, a Wolf Sword and his own Phoenix Armour. This information revealed Diondra attacks him and calls in reinforcements. Outside Rod Drill has also arrived with a squad of troops. Amber Man summons Rockgiron and Rockdon to fight off both sets of attackers but Leina and Jim are able to slip into the fortress.

Rod attempts to prove his team's good intentions by helping Rockgiran damage the Varigale-X only for the monster to join Rockdon in attacking his troops. Inside Garudi and Diondra try to find the Phoenix Armour while Leina finds and frees Rom, Jet and Phantom Robo. Jim walks into Garudi but is saved by Rom in the form of Baikanfu. Diondra confronts Amber Man, demanding to know the location of the Phoenix Armour. He loses concentration so Rockdon and Rockgiran return to being inanimate stone. Rod's team breach the fortress but Diondra breaks up the battle between Baikanfu and Garudi, threatening to kill Amber Man if Rom doesn't surrender. The fortress begins to collapse. Faced with Baikanfu and the reinforcements the Gyandlar retreat. Amber Man wants to stay and die with his tower but Baikanfu is able to convince him to help their cause when he realises how much Rom and his allies care for each other. He gifts the Phoenix Armour to Rom.


Those four elements again - a Wolf Sword, different to those used by Rom and Garudi; the Dragon Helmet, which Kenpô Robo discovered in episode 33; the Phoenix Armour, which Amber Man gives to Rom at the end of the episode, and finally the Lion Shield, which we haven't seen yet.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Leina Stol, Rom Stol, Minmei.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Battle Robo (cameo), Ambulance Robo (cameo), New Shinkansen Robo (cameo), Big Truck Robo (cameo), Tough Trailer, Triple Jim, Kenpô Robo (cameo), Rod Drill, Pro Truck Racer, Supercar Robo, Porsche Robo, Karate Robo (cameo), Jûdô Robo.

Jet Tribe Featured: Cessna Robo, Blackbird Robo (cameo), Blue Jet, Phantom Robo, Falcon Robo, Eagle Robo.

Rock People Featured: Mask Rock, Diamond Man, Ruby Man, Amber Man, Cross Rock, Battle Rock (cameo), Mecha Rock (cameo).

Gyandlar Featured: Diondra, Casmodon, Gadess, Grujios, Garudi, Zarios, Devil Satan 6, Gildas, Falgos, Baldas.

Errors: Jûdô Robo, Battle Robo and Ambulance Robo appear from nowhere later in the battle, as do the Jet Tribe contingent. The Casmodon with Diondra while she's chasing Cross Rock disappears.


Very good for most of the way just because it really looks like Amber Man won't join anyone and will stick to his guns. Which means his eventual decision to join Rom comes very suddenly, is somewhat trite and makes him look like a moron for most of the episode.

Still, it's nice to have someone actually explain the four elements clearly and it really feels like pieces are beginning to slot together.