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In a hospital that's still standing Ambulance Robo and Leina attend to Tough Trailer's wounds. Leina is taken aback by how little Pro Truck Racer seems to care about his brother. Instead he mets up with Rom and a team of Battle Tribe troops who want to take the battle to the Gyandlar. Jim and Kendô Robo argue that they don't have the numbers to make this possible. Above Cronos Diondra tells Gadess and Garudi of the discovery Demon Sword, rumoured to be as powerful as the weapons used by Rom and Garudi. The weapon does however control whoever wields it. She takes the Variglae-X and uses mechnical butterflies to lead Pro Truck Racer to the ship. He is followed by Skyline Robo, Battle Robo and Missile Robo, the agitators from earlier, who want to help him strike back against the Gyandlar. The ship fires on them but the group escapes. Ashamed at the idea of his brother taking revenge on his behalf, Tough Trailer discharges himself from hospital. He finds Battle Robo and Skyline Robo under attack from Gyandlar Rocks but struggles due to his injuries. Watching from the Varigale-X Diondra sends over the Demon Sword for him to find. As she expected it instantly induces an unstoppable desire to fight in him and he makes short work of the attackers. Skyline Robo is unnerved by his merciless manner however and looks on shocked as Tough Trailer repeatedly stabs Devil Rock's bisected corpse.

Leina lets Rom and the others know Tough Trailer is gone from the hospital. Pro Truck Racer guesses he's been lured out by the Gyandlar and sets off with Rom, Drill and Jet to find him. They catch up just as he is about to kill Skyline Robo, but he begins to attack Pro Truck Racer instead. Despite Pro Truck Rider having a clear shot he refuses to kill his brother. Jet recognises the Demon Sword as Kirai had is buried years before. Rom disarms Tough Trailer but the sword instantly returns to his hand. Diondra sends a massive Gyandlar force to capture Rom while he's distracted. It doesn't work however as Baikanfu fights off the Gyandlar troops and then destroys the blade of the Demon Sword. Tough Trailer instantly returns to normal. While the battle rages Pro Truck Racer slips away and attacks the Varigale-X by himself. Diondra escapes, leaving Devil Satan 6 to battle Baikanfu. They both fall into quicksand but Pro Truck Racer returns in time to pull Baikanfu free. Devil Satan 6 sinks while Tough Trailer helps pull his friends to safety. Observing from above, Gadess and Garudi both criticise Diondra for another failed plan.


Rod Drill is also presented with a massive cannon by Kendô Robo, though his is a big rotating missile launcher. There's a baby Supercar Robo and a baby Skyline Robo (the brother of the larger one) in the hospital too. Wearing bandages just in case the concept wasn't twee enough.

Medusa was apparently the original owner of the sword. She's basically the same as the Greek mythology but from Cronos. Plausible.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Leina Stol, Rom Stol.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Tough Trailer, Ambulance Robo, Pro Truck Robo, Rod Drill, Triple Jim, Kendô Robo, Missile Robo, Battle Robo, Skyline Robo.

Jet Tribe Featured: Blue Jet.

Rock People Featured: Devil Rock, Double Rock, Geiger Rock.

Gyandlar Featured: Gadess, Garudi, Diondra, Devil Satan 6, Baldas (cameo), Gildas (cameo), Casmodon (cameo), Falgos (cameo), Zarios (cameo).

Errors: Battle Robo briefly turns into Battle Rock when he and Skyline Robo are attacked. Diondra's plan involving mechanical butterflies to tempt robots is a bit overcomplicated. Seeing as she has no problem with Devil Rock and Double Rock getting killed why not give one of them the sword and just drop them on Yamilan? One still doesn't know Rom's name? I mean, he's been sent to capture him about forty thousand times, for God's sake.


A respectable enough crazy artefact episode, though is getting difficult to ignore the idea that Tough Trailer's a bit of a muppet - this is his fourth proper episode and he's done something stupid in all of them so far. However, the scenes of him chasing Skyline Robo around are probably about as funny as the show gets.