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Garudi and a team of Gyandlar troops manage to sneak onboard Tough Trailer while he is running supplies to Yamilan. Once they are inside the city Garudi attacks, injuring Kendô Robo and Big Truck Robo before wreaking havoc on the unprepared Machine Robo. Rom is soon alerted but Karate Robo reveals that the core computer of the city is programmed to self-destruct if it's placed in danger. Garudi's squad are soon at the building that houses it. Tough Trailer blames himself for not being more alert to the Gyandlar threat and vows to stop the facility from being breached. Garudi gains entrance to the computer, which beings its' ten minute countdown before self-destruction.

Rom and Drill confront Garudi, but he carries on into the computer, leaving Geiger Rock and Devil Rock to battle the pair. Drill offers to fight them both so Rom can pursue Garudi. Tough Trailer arrives in time to help Drill. Garudi seemingly overcomes Rom with a smokescreen but Land Commander 5 at least manages to take out some of the Gyandlar troops. However, there is only a minute left of the countdown. Rom manages to break free of the smokescreen and transform into Baikanfu, keeping Garudi busy so Drill and Tough Trailer can get at the computer. Tough Trailer acts as a decoy to draw off the computer's defence systems, allowing Drill to shut down the sequence with only a second to spare. Garudi is knocked into the computer room and realises the machine isn't powered by the Hyribead at all, leaving with his surviving troops. Back on the Varigale-X Garudi muses to himself about Rom's flashbacks. Annoyed at another failure, Gadess meanwhile plans to lead the next attack on the city personally.


It's not entirely clear if Garudi and his men somehow teleport into the trailer or if they instead manage to actually climb onboard under the smokescreen without Tough Trailer or Big Truck Robo noticing; the later confrontation with Rom suggests there is some mind control involved too. You have to wonder why this particular skill hasn't been used by Garudi before. The Gyandlar rocks also have the previously-unshown ability to submerge into concrete as if it was water. Police Robo is back as a member of the Land Commander 5 team.

Gadess claims to have found Garudi drifting alone in a spaceship as a child. Under the influence of Garudi's smokescreen Rom has another vision of his spaceflight with Kirai and Leina which seems to indicate the younger siblings and their father were blown clear by an explosion just as they reached Cronos. Blue Jet is inexplicably barely in the episode, appearing in one scene to slice Falgos in half.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Leina Stol, Rom Stol.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Tough Trailer, Big Truck Robo, Triple Jim, Rod Drill, Kendô Robo, Missile Robo (cameo), Battle Robo (cameo), Bike Robo, Karate Robo, Jûdô Robo, Porsche Robo, Supercar Robo (cameo), New Shinkansen Robo, Ambulance Robo, Steam Robo (cameo), Bulldozer Robo (cameo), Police Robo (cameo).

Jet Tribe Featured: Shuttle Robo (cameo), Harrier Robo (cameo), Cessna Robo (cameo), Blackbird Robo (cameo), Blue Jet.

Rock People Featured: Devil Rock, Geiger Rock, Battle Rock (cameo).

Gyandlar Featured: Garudi, Falgos, Gildas, Gadess, Diondra, Casmodon, Baldas.

Errors: Casmodon and Baldas inexplicably appear with Garudi's squad at the six minute mark despite not being shown with them earlier or having any chance to get into the city afterwards. They disappear again after a few shots before reappearing later on. Stock footage of robots seemingly destroyed earlier in the episode - notably of Porsche Robo and New Shinkansen Robo outside the computer building - is reused in the second half. After staying fairly consistent for much of the episode, the last minute of the countdown lasts about four times as long in screen time.


The Yamilan setting is starting to get a little bit stale here as Garudi once again has a fairly straightforward plan that gets him close to his goal before he's beaten by Rom, flies back to the Varigale-X and buggers off. That Gadess notes this is something of a repeat performance at the end doesn't really help matters and Tough Trailer's story of redemption doesn't lift the thing much either.

Much more interesting is the stuff about Rom and Garudi, which seems to be building to a head.