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The Gyandlar siege of Yamilan continues. Jet leads an aerial attack on the Varigale-X but is unable to stop the ship from launching a missile attack on the city's school. Leina and Jim are able to evacuate the pupils before it hits but Leina herself and a few children are still in the building when it detonates. They are soon overcome by the rust poison gas in the warhead and have to be taken to hospital. Rom swears to find a cure and plans to set off for Bila to get some of the Metal Laster. Drill wonders if drawing their best troops is part of the Gyandlar plan and Rom admits it is a possibility. The school's teacher, Harley Robo, begs to go along with Rom and his squad while Bike Robo promises the city will remain in good hands. As they sortie Garudi watches from the Varigale-X, happy that his plan is working and orders another assault on the west side of the city.

Rom's team get to Bila without trouble where the chief has the Metal Laster ready. Jet guesses that the Gyandlar army will have seen their departure and made to cut them off from returning to the city. He proposes instead taking the Logusi Mountain route back, a hard journey but one that is likely to take them around the Gyandlar army. However, Garudi has anticipated this and tells Gadess and Diondra. Diondra believes Garudi will not kill Rom as he is his brother. Gadess is enraged, telling her that Garudi and Rom's relationship must remain secret from both parties. Rom's troops set off from Bila and as they depart the chief prepares to lead the villagers against the Gyandlar. Jet leads the flying members of the convoy off to distract the Gyandlar while Rom and the rest set off through the mountains with the Metal Laster. The group are soon attacked by evil Rock People before Garudi triggers a rock fall. The rocks explode in mid-air and the Gyandlar are challenged by Mask Rock and Magna Rock for desecrating the sacred mountain. The pair make short work of the Gyandlar troops, giving Rom time to change into Baikanfu. However his battle with Garudi is interrupted by Maskrock, furious that the pair would fight on Logusi. Garudi retreats with his troops when he realises Mask Rock and Magna Rock are just as likely to attack Rom. Harley Robo pleads with Mask Rock, explaining about the dying children and telling him he doesn't care about his own fate as long as the medicine is delivered. Touched, Mask Rock lets them continue with their mission and leaves. The Metal Laster is delivered, allowing Leina and the children to be cured. Harley Robo is reunited with his pupils and thanked with a kiss by Leina.


The schoolchildren are mainly Cronos Tribe generics, as are the medics. There are baby versions of Falcon Robo, Blackbird Robo, Mixer Robo and Missile Robo, though.

Bila and the Metal Laster were seen in the third episode. The existence of a third Stol sibling was first revealed in a flashback during "The Demonic Castle - Farewell Grujios (Part 2)".


Cronos Tribe Featured: Rom Stol, Leina Stol, Minmei, the chief of Azenbush.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Steam Robo (cameo), Karate Robo, Jûdô Robo, Kendô Robo, Triple Jim, Rod Drill, Harley Robo, Ambulance Robo, Buggy Robo, Missile Robo, Sidelancer, Jeep Robo (cameo), Bike Robo, Truck Robo.

Jet Tribe Featured: Blue Jet, Cessna Robo (cameo), Eagle Robo (cameo), Blackbird Robo (cameo), Falcon Robo (cameo), Phantom Robo (cameo).

Rock People Featured: Mask Rock, Magna Rock, Double Rock, Devil Rock, Geiger Rock.

Gyandlar Featured: Gildas (cameo), Casmodon, Zarios (cameo), Baldas (cameo), Falgos (cameo), Devil Satan 6, Garudi, Gadess, Diondra.

Errors: How slow is that missile? How is there so much Metal Laster when before it took a year to gather enough to heal one Machine Robo? Combat Buggy appears with Rom's group after Garudi retreats despite not having been with them earlier.


A slight downturn on recent episodes but still far preferable to most of the first half of the series. Mask Rock's a bit weird - it's never really explained who he is or why he can so easily overpower everyone else. And I can't work out if the use of the Metal Laster is a good call back to an earlier episode or a bit of a cheat given that it's a lot easier to get than it was first time around.

Still, there are some good action scenes peppered around and the revelation that Garudi and Rom are brothers adds a little intrigue to proceedings.