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Garudi is sent down to Cronos by Gadess to investigate a volcano that powers a whole city via thermal energy. Rom's band have arrived in the same place and he immediately has to save a girl named Onoko from being run over. Rom notices she's wearing a strange necklace but she runs off before he can have a closer look. Onoko goes to water some flowers but is menaced by Garudi and his troops. Garudi is also interested in her necklace, which has the Wolf Emblem on it. She runs off again when Rom appears to confront the Gyandlar. The fight is interrupted by an earthquake and Garudi retreats. Onoko shows Rom's group around the city, where the travellers note how the townspeople squander their resources - right down to the actual inhabitants. They come across her father whose warnings of volcanic eruption are ignored by the authorities. He shows his findings to the travellers; they indicate that the problem is the thermal generator that powers the city. Garudi has also come to the same conclusion and resolves to get Onoko's necklace before it erupts. The girl tells Leina her necklace was given to her by her father - there is a legend a wolf will appear to save the city if the volcano erupts. They are disturbed by the Gyandlar, who have come for the necklace.

The volcano begins erupting, causing chaos in the town. Leina then arrives to tell them Onoko has been taken. Supercar Robo explains that her necklace is the key for the town's cooling system, devised to save it from a volcanic eruption. She refuses to tell Garudi what it's for while Rom is held up battling a Gyandlar captain named Magman. Drill makes trenches to try and divert the lava but there is too much for his plan to work. Magman is getting stronger from the heat of the eruption and easily handles Kenryû and Baikanfu. Onoko meanwhile snatches her necklace back from Garudi and escapes. She falls from the ship and is caught by Jet. Her adoptive father tells her how to activate the cooling system - built in a large stone Wolf Emblem near her flowers. She does so just as Baikanfu is defeated. The system freezes the lava, allowing Baikanfu to revive and easily defeat Magman. Watching from above, Garudi realises he was too easy on Onoko and leaves, vowing to be harder next time. The townspeople are forced to evacuate from the damage as Leina wonders if they will be more responsible with power in the future.


Supercar Robo seems to be Onoko's adoptive father - her real father was a Buggy Robo.

Steam Robo appears as a... wino? A Dumper Robo nearly runs down Onoko while being driven by Karate Robo. The crashed Robo is then retrieved by Crane Robo. Porsche Robo berates Supercar Robo for being old in the city. A Harrier Robo is seen being knocked out of the sky by lava. Cessna Robo, Blackbird Robo and... un... Zeta Gundam (no, seriously; he gets killed by the lava though) arrive to help battle Magman. And is that Xabungle helping the townspeople load onto a convoy of Tough Trailers? What the Hell were Ashi on by this point?


Cronos Tribe Featured: Rom Stol, Leina Stol, Onoko.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Triple Jim, Rod Drill, Steam Robo (cameo), Karate Robo, Dumper Robo (cameo), Crane Robo (cameo), Porsche Robo, Supercar Robo, Tough Trailer (cameo).

Jet Tribe Featured: Blue Jet, Falcon, Blackbird Robo (cameo), Cessna Robo (cameo), Harrier Robo (cameo).

Gyandlar Featured: Garudi, Gadess, Diondra, Baldas, Gildas, Casmodon, Falgos, Magman.

Anime Clichés: Onoko is dressed like a schoolgirl. She even flashes her panties most of the time. Rom makes his dramatic entrance from the top of a huge tree - what, did he climb up there while the Gyandlar were pushing Onoko around?

Errors: The Varigale-X makes the same noise as the TARDIS when it takes off. Straight up, it's lifted directly from Doctor Who. The generics evacuating at the end just slide up the trailer ramps rather than walking. Jim's head goes red a couple of times.


Sadly a return to earlier tedium. Both the energy conserving morality tale and the purpose of Onoko's necklace are obvious from very early in the day and Onoko herself is deeply irritating (though at least she shows up just how well Leina's come along since the early episodes).

Garudi's getting interesting though, and it is fun to see Baikanfu getting chucked around even if - once again - Magman's defeat is very obviously signposted.