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Rom's group has arrived in the epicentre of a conflict between the states of Bamela and Kaleba. They meet the Princess of Bamela, Slythia - whose apparent assassination had sparked the war. She claims the people of Kaleba saved her from her own people, who are now planning a massive attack. She plans to tell them the truth but her escort has been killed by the Gyandlar. Instead, she orders Rom and company to take her to Bamela before the attack is launched. News of her survival reaches Gadess, who plans to take over both settlements in the aftermath of the war. He sends the Gilda Brothers Assault Team to intercept the group in the desert. Jet tries to escape with the Princess but is shot down by Black Gilda. They survive largely unscathed and continue on foot with the brothers - ordered by Gadess to ignore the others - in pursuit. Jet tries to hold them off while the Princess carries on alone, but Black Gilda is able to hit her with a bladed projectile, badly injuring her.

Rom and Drill arrive in time to save the pair who carry on with Jim and Leina while the brothers are busy. Rom injures Black Gilda and the brothers flee. Grujios and Diondra hurriedly use new genetic engineering on Red and White before sending them back after the Princess. The group reaches Bamela with little time to spare, only for the Brothers to appear and block their path. The trio combine into Giant Gilda and easily beat Kenryû. Rom then calls up Baikanfu but by now Bamela is preparing to launch a doomsday missile at Kaleba. The Princess then shocks everyone by revealing she's just a decoy - the real Slythia has reached Bamela. The false princess is loaded with explosives and primed to self-destruct, taking the Gyandlar with her. She thanks Jet for his friendship before charging in the fray. The charges set off just as Giant Gilda is about to finish off Baikanfu, giving Rom the chance to destroy the alien. The attack has been successfully stopped too and the survival of Slythia means Bamela and Kaleba are back at peace. Jet reflects on the death of the double while Rom points out that her sacrifice ensured peace.


Looks like Diondra once again got away with her failure. Possibly because Grujios' record is just as terrible. The Gilda brothers can either teleport or jump really, really quickly. Red Gilda has a sycthe; Black Gilda fires guided blades from his torso; White Gilda can project huge long flailing tentacles from his arms.

The Princess' tank is a recoloured Battle Robo (which doesn't transform). A New Shinkansen Robo is briefly seen transforming outside the palace in Bamela. These two tiny cameos and the slightly larger talking part given to a Missile Robo (probably not the same one who was Vilion's right hand man) were actually flagged up in the previous week's "next episode" trailer.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Leina Stol, Rom Stol, Slythia.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Triple Jim, Rod Drill, Battle Robo (cameo), New Shinkansen Robo (cameo), Missile Robo.

Jet Tribe Featured: Blue Jet.

Gyandlar Featured: Gadess, Grujios, Diondra, Red Gilda, Black Gilda, White Gilda, Giant Gilda.

Anime Clichés: Baikanfu slices Giant Gilda in half with geometric precision and a glowing red line.

Errors: The King's weird little glasses disappear after he orders the attack on Kaleba. Jet lets out a big highly emotional scream when the dummy Slythia reveals her mission to sacrifice herself but doesn't actually make any attempt to stop her.


A couple of slight tweaks to the format - forefronting Jet (though he puts it about a bit doesn't he? Forgotten about Rury already have we?) and coming up with some interesting new Gyandlar who give Baikanfu a good fight - make this one more palatable than the last couple.

Try not to think about the twist though - who makes the false Slythia on such a tight timescale? If they can make a sophisticated robot double crammed to the brim with enough explosives to take out Giant Gilda why can't they just phone Bamela? It does catch you off-guard, though.