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The Wolf Sword leads the travellers to a forest full of hostile vegetation and a couple of hostile natives. Rom defends the group and finds out one of their attackers is female. The group set a trap for the pair in the night. The girl is Kina and the boy is Korol, from a tribe of wild warriors - they claim Rom killed their father. Rom realises they are the children of Jingi and admits he did kill him, but in an honourable duel. The pair escape into the forest, followed by Rom and Jet. They have been put up to the attack by Diondra, and plan to lure Rom to a volcano. However, her plans are overheard by Rom and after a quick fight the Gyandlar flee. Kina then attacks and is quickly defeated by Rom once again - she begs for him to finish her, but he lets her go as he can empathise with her desire to avenge her father.

Kina appears again and offers to show them the location of the Wolf Symbol to repay Rom for saving her life twice. The others think it is a trap but Rom presses on. She tells them the Symbol is on top of the volcano but is injured by a volcanic stream. Rom stays to help her while the others climb the volcano. Once they are gone she attacks him, trying to force him into the same stream. Instead of defending himself he reasons with her successfully. She then saves the group from a trap set by Korol before running off just as Diondra reappears. Kenryû makes short work of the Gyandlar troopers but at Diondra's bidding Kina and Korol transfer into a huge mechanical bull and attack. He refuses to fight the siblings initially but is forced to transfer to Baikanfu. He battles the bull and both nearly fall into the lava. Kina then forces the bull to let go, realising Rom is noble, so she and Korol fall in. Her plan ruined, Diondra escapes while Rom reflects on Kina's death.


Diondra - who will be raised three ranks if her plan succeeds - and Grujios are still getting on each other's nerves, especially when Gadess orders the latter to follow the former's scheme. Rom can shrink his body inside his armour to avoid expected knife blows. Unconvincing. Kina and Korol (the latter name is a guess, the proper subs ran out at the end of episode 12) have bodies which can withstand the heat of over a thousand degrees - this seems common to the Cronos Tribe. The Battle/Jet Tribe Machine Robo are affected more quickly by the volcano's temperatures - though Rod mainly just feels hungry. Rom uses the Fist of Heaven Fire Dragon Foot attack on Diondra's goons - it involves him kicking really quickly and then some flames shaped like dragon heads knocking down his opponents. Jingi is briefly seen in flashback in armour and then at the end very briefly as his kids die.

A Blackbird Robo is randomly seen transforming and flying off in the opening shot; he later turns up again briefly to illustrate how hot the volcano is when he flies into a plasma stream and explodes. The forest also contains a weird robotic squirrel.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Leina Stol, Rom Stol, Kina, Korol.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Triple Jim, Rod Drill.

Jet Tribe Featured: Blue Jet, Blackbird Robo (cameo).

Gyandlar Featured: Gadess, Diondra, Grujios.

Anime Clichés: Rom swings the scrap with Kina in his favour by grabbing her tits, much to Leina's displeasure. That never happened in Challenge of the Gobots. Jet slices the throat of a Gyandlar goon and, yes, strikes a pose as the head belatedly falls off.

Errors: Flex is in a few of the early forest shots before disappearing. Some Battle Rock randomly arrive and stop Baikanfu from falling into the volcano.


A really, really tedious and repetitive episode. Kina's such a mooning, flip-flopping idiot it's difficult to take her seriously while Diondra isn't much better by this stage.

In the Blackbird Robo cameo, Kina and Korol merging into the mechanical bull and the inexplicable Rock Robo appearance the episode has three major "What the Hell happened there?" moments - which is probably about par for the series.