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Lord Grobol, a Gyandlar captain, leads the Devil Satan 6 to a martial arts Dojo owned by a female called Rury, searching for signs of the Wolf Emblem. Finding a marking on the building they attempt to investigate but Rom's group arrives to confront them. Jet duels with Grobol until the Gyandlar decide to withdraw. Rury collapses and is helped by Jet. Nearby, Diondra berates Grobol for retreating. Jet and Drill teach the students at the Dojo to allow Rury to rest. Rom, Leina and Jim talk to her about the Wolf Emblem, put there by Kirai 15 years before, but she doesn't know any more about it. Jet meanwhile is romancing her and considering staying on as a teacher at the Dojo when Grobol reappears and challenges him to a duel. Against Rury's wishes, he agrees and follows Grobol away from the Dojo.

The duel is a ruse, allowing Diondra to lead an attack on the others. She's joined by Garudi, sent down from the Gyandlar ship in orbit. He challenges Rom and seems to be matching him. Jet, meanwhile, is able to overcome and mortally found Grobol despite getting an injured shoulder. Grobol tells him of the Gyandlar's plan with his dying words and Jet sets off for the Dojo. There Rom and Garudi are in a stalemate, but the Gyandlar troopers have seized Leina. Jet arrives in time to save her, giving Rom the chance to transform into Kenryû. The Gyandlar retreat, only for Jet to collapse from his injury. Once he has healed the group moves on, though Jet promises to return to Rury and the Dojo once the Gyandlar are defeated. Rom meanwhile reflects on the power and odd familiarity of Garudi.


The Devil Satan 6 are seen for the first time since episode 4. Grobol promptly slices off One's leg for stamping Rury's face into the ground. Grobol grew bored in the Dojo due to the lack of war and joined up with the Gyandlar. Garudi uses the Shooting Star Wolf Sword.

Rom places the events of the first episode three months ago - roughly as it was broadcast, suggesting this lot literally have an adventure a week. A Buggy Robo, a Battle Robo and a Supercar Robo are among the students shown in the flashback to Kirai's visit.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Rury, Leina Stol, Rom Stol, Misu, Jilas.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Triple Jim, Rod Drill, Buggy Robo (cameo), Battle Robo (cameo), Supercar Robo (cameo).

Jet Tribe Featured: Blue Jet.

Gyandlar Featured: Devil Satan 6, Grobol, Diondra, Gadess, Garudi.

Anime Clichés: Rom does his finger thing again - this time on a generic Gyandlar goon. Rury, despite being a robot, is 'dressed' like something out of a mid-1980s porn film. Grobol skewers a butterfly inches from Diondra's face. It's a Jet episode, though, and he gets all the best silly bits - slicing rocks in half for practice and then having a very OTT duel with Grobol.

Errors: Jim claims he understands why Jet had to accept Grobol's challenge. Yeh, right. Seconds later he's hiding behind Rod, which is more like it.


There's very little plot to this one, an episode clearly designed to allow Jet to shine. He doesn't disappoint and both the noble Grobol and undefeated Garudi add a little credibility to the Gyandlar. However, the romantic sub-plot doesn't convince.

It's treacle-slow too.