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The group arrives at the Dragon River where the Daug settlement - Rod's birthplace - is located and decide to rest there for a while. Rod himself has slept in and stays behind. On arrival, Rom and Jet think the townspeople resent their presence. Leina is less suspicious, especially after she's given a flower by a young boy. He then forces a collar on her and the group are attacked by the residents. Jim is shot with an arrow and the travellers surrender, hoping when Rod arrives he will sort the misunderstanding. Rod himself has been delayed further after finding a girl caught in a trap; on freeing her he finds she is called Melodia and is from neighbouring Gallowlands, located on the other side of the river. The two tribes are at war since a flood buried their local energy source. The Glorius leader Bison blamed Gallowland for the death of his son in the catastrophe, while the Gallowlands leader Jacob - Melodia's father - blamed the Glorius for the death of his wife. Rod realises Rom and the others will be in trouble and sets off to help after Melodia begs him to end the conflict. Bison believes Rom and the others have the secret of the lost Hyribead under the river and begins to interrogate them. Meanwhile, Rod finds Bison is employing Gyandlar - led by Casmodon - to excavate the Hyribead and that his friends are being held prisoner.

Rom tries to find them but is caught by Bison's son Combat Buggy - an old childhood friend. With his help Rod saves Rom's group from death and leads them to the mine where the Gyandlar soon show their true colours. Combat Buggy tries to rescue Bison from Casmodon, helped by Rom, Jet and Rod. This is seen by Jacob and Melodia who join in the fight. Rom is knocked off a cliff battling the Gyandlar captain but summons Kenryû to save himself. Outclassed, he then has to call up Baikanfu and makes short work of the Casmodon. Combat Buggy leads the miners against the rest of the Gyandlar troops and the allied tribes soon drive them off. Rod doesn't get the girl, however - Combat Buggy and Melodia have been secretly in love throughout the conflict, cementing the Tribes' new alliance. Jet tries to console Drill and nearly gets another thumping for his trouble.


Rod apparently punched Jet for waking him up ten minutes early - which is why he's left behind at the start. He fancies the pants off Melodia, even begging her to watch his antics in the final battle. Casmodon's previous life as a Devil Invader isn't mentioned, he's just a random Gyandlar captain who - in this case - happens to have a toy.

There are more random cameos, this time by a Harrier Robo, a Highway Robo (which at least plays the minor part of carting Rom and company away to jail) and an Off-Road Robo again (with dialogue). A Helitranser, a Truck Robo, a couple of Crane Robo, a Mixer Robo, a few Dumper Robo, a Supercar Robo, a Battle Robo and several Dozer Robo are working at the mine. Despite the dialogue identifying the Glorius as a Battle Tribe most of them are Cronos-style generics.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Leina Stol, Rom Stol.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Triple Jim, Rod Drill, Combat Buggy, Bison, Melodia, Harrier Robo (cameo), Highway Robo, Off Road Robo, Helitranser, Truck Robo (cameo), Crane Robo (cameo), Mixer Robo, Dumper Robo (cameo), Supercar Robo (cameo), Battle Robo (cameo), Dozer Robo (cameo).

Jet Tribe Featured: Blue Jet.

Gyandlar Featured: Casmodon, Gadess, Grujios, Diondra.

Anime Clichés: Jet (who else?) flies through a Gyandlar mook thrown into the air by Rod, then transforms and zips down a line of them. Obviously they explode in unison while he strikes a pose. I actually love that Jet's such a poser.

Errors: The dialogue from Bison would seem to suggest Machine Robo can't drown, in contrast to what we've heard before.


A Rod Drill episode means a great episode and he's tremendous fun here, be it sprawled out on the forest floor sound asleep or showing off in front of Melodia. The two villages Romeo and Juliet plot is hackneyed and old - with Buggy and Melodia's affair no better - and the early stages feel far too close to last episode's opening, but there are enough good bits to keep the interest going.

Plus... Casmodon, Combat Buggy, Off Road Robo and Mixer Robo all getting dialogue? Wow, it's almost like it's a Machine Robo anime.