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The travellers are searching the site of the lost island of Mu. The local inhabitants - at the command of their Priestess - are trying to raise the island, which has a Wolf Emblem. Rom spots that the Gyandlar are there as well, searching a temple. The group head in to investigate and Drill stumbles across a hidden passage containing pictures of ancient Mu. They are confronted by the Priestess, who angrily tells them to leave and say nothing about what they saw. They soon realise she is working with the Gyandlar and using the natives to find the Emblem for her own means. Leaving Drill, Leina and Jim on a raft, Rom and Jet capture the Priestess, but then the two-headed Gyandlar general Shenuwen (who has been keeping the natives from the Emblem) arrives.

Drill gets tired of waiting and swims off to find the Emblem while Leina follows in Jim, but all three are scared by the creature guarding it. Above land, Shenuwen battles Rom and Jet with ease until Shenuwen and Rom end up falling into the sea. Shenuwen is even more suited to underwater combat but they are separated by a whirlpool. Rom finds an ancient computer and realises it controlled Mu. Shenuwen arrives and Rom forms Kenryû to fight him - to no avail. Rom then summons Baikanfu, but the undersea monster guarding the emblem destroys Shenuwen before the battle is finished. It turns on Baikanfu but recognises the Wolf Emblem on the robot's chest and leaves him alone. Rom reunites with his friends, explaining that the computer was responsible for the sinking of the city. Meanwhile, the island's occupants rebel and overthrow the priestess.


Mu is obviously lifted from the ancient mythical continent, probably via classic super-robot anime Brave Raideen. Aside from the Priestess, the island above is populated entirely by Submarine Robo and suffers from acid rain (controlled by the Mu computer, trying to protect the Emblem from the Priestess and the Gyandlar). The original inhabitants all had two heads.

It's unclear whether Shenuwen is from ancient Mu or was just modified - his having two heads apparently doubles his fighting capability. He can detach the heads and use them to attack opponents. A Battleship Robo appears at the end to offer Rom and friends a lift back to the mainland, which is nice of him.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Leina Stol, Rom Stol, Priestess.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Triple Jim, Rod Drill, Submarine Robo, Battleship Robo.

Jet Tribe Featured:
Blue Jet.

Gyandlar Featured: Shenuwen, Grujios, Diondra, Gadess.

Anime Clichés: Rom decapitates one of the Gyandlar guards by twisting its' head off with his thighs. Jet slices through five guards in rapid succession and then strikes a pose - at which point they all collapse, cut to bits. It does look pretty cool, though.

Errors: After the first drop of acid rain burns into the back of Rom's hand to let us know that it's acid rain the stuff does no further damage, despite our heroes standing around in the open telling each other it's acid rain.


Another strange one in places - what exactly Shenuwen is, what happens with the Wolf Emblem and what the monster is protecting it for are all questions we're left with and the end - where Rom suddenly goes from being Baikanfu to floating in the raft with everyone else and the group are suddenly met by a Battleship Robo - is bizarre.

However there are a couple of neat ideas, and it's nice to see Rom on the back foot against a Gyandlar general again - he only wins due to the monster's intervention.