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The Wolf Sword has led the group to Cronos' equator zone, near the Baiya district. Leina collapses in the humidity. Nearby Grujios and Diondra continue their own search for the Hyribead, aided by Bifa - an old enemy of Kirai Stol out to avenge himself by killing Rom. Meanwhile Rom, Jet and Drill set out to find help for Leina and notice a strange seal on one of the rocks in the jungle. Rom comes across the Gyandlar and attacks, but is beaten back by Bifa and then buried by a rock fall. Jet sets off after the Gyandlar while Drill attempts to free Rom. Elsewhere, Leina and Jim are suddenly surrounded by Rock People.

Drill frees Rom and they are joined by Jet, who was unable to track Bifa. They return to Jim and find that Leina is missing. The trio follow tracks left to the Rock People's village and sneak inside. Rom finds Leina and prepares to attack before she explains that the Rock People returned her to health after her collapse. Looking around the village, they discover the Wolf Emblem among carvings on one of the buildings. However the Gyandlar attack before they can investigate. Rom summons Kenryû but Bifa arrives to fight him. In the battle Kenryû falls on part of the Rock People's temple, which magically creates a shield that helps him battle Bifa. After upgrading to Baikanfu he easily kills Bifa and Diondra retreats. The village is destroyed in the battle however, taking the Emblems with it, and the Rock People leave to find a new home.


Bifa was defeated and imprisoned in a cave by Kirai "many years" before. What exactly he is isn't made clear, though a Gyandlar seems to most obvious answer.

The Rock People seen are all the Battle Rock type. They have their own language (which Leina rapidly learns) and nobody seems to have met them before. Aside from knocking out Jim (which seems to be a popular Cronos past-time) they're placid people. The Gyandlar's Varigale-X shuttle (seemingly used for atmospheric operations) is seen for the first time.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Leina Stol, Rom Stol.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Triple Jim, Rod Drill.

Jet Tribe Featured:
Blue Jet.

Gyandlar Featured: Grujios, Diondra, Gadess, Bifa.

Rock People Featured: Battle Rock.

Anime Clichés: Rom takes 27 seconds to form Kenryû, and 38 seconds to then move up to Baikanfu.

Errors: Much is made of the difficult jungle terrain - ignoring the fact Rom could ride in Flex, Leina in Jim and that Drill and Jet could transform. Why do they keep leaving Jim to look after Leina anyway? If the Rock People are friendly was it absolutely necessary for them to knock Jim out? Nobody seems to feel bad about the destruction of the Rock People's village - not even the Rock People.


Dull but pleasant. It's fairly obvious that the Rock People are harmless, even if they weren't all Boulder. Bifa doesn't really do anything and isn't given chance to make much of an impression, though having him as an old enemy of Kirai is a nice touch.

Once again, though, we're back to the obvious two-stage final battle, with Baikanfu killing the bad guy within seconds of being summoned, while Diondra does nothing after her impressive showing last episode.