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Rom and his friends follow the Wolf Sword's directions to Cronos' arctic area, where they discover some mysterious tracks. Unknown to them they are being tracked by Gadess from the Gyandlar mothership. Diondra and some troops are the source of the tracks - they are searching for the Hyribead. Gadess tells them of the approaching travellers. Drill meanwhile creates a cave for his friends to rest in but they are trapped inside by Diondra and Shaben, a Gyandlar soldier who has easily adapted to the cold. Rom realises they are under attack and sets off with Jet to draw the enemy's attention while Drill gets Jim and Leina to safety. However, Shaben tracks Drill and during the subsequent fight falls under the ice with Leina.

Diondra is unable to defeat Rom and Jet and withdraws, swearing vengeance against Shaben for disappearing in the battle. Under the ground, Shaben has second thoughts about leaving Leina to die as she resembles his long-dead lover Diana, who was killed in an avalanche. He returns her to Rom without being seen before reporting back to Diondra, who sends him to attack again. This time he goes through the ice with Rom, who summons Kenryû to fight him. Shaben is mortally injured and chooses to die under the ice with Diana. Rom reunites with the others and Leina notices a Wolf emblem shining on one of the mountains. It disappears, leaving the Hyribead a mystery still.


Under the ice at Cronos' arctic areas it is -273° Celsius, i.e. absolute zero - apparently Machine Robo can survive this for a few minutes. Mmm, science. The cave Drill makes for everyone includes carved ice furniture (he likes making ice sculptures) which is another reason why Drill's awesome. Shaben can blend in with the arctic landscape and survive at absolute zero. He was demoted by Gadess as a result of his relationship with Diana and worked his way back up the ranks after his lover's death. Diondra fights with an electrified whip.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Leina Stol, Rom Stol.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Triple Jim, Rod Drill, Ambulance Robo (cameo, frozen).

Jet Tribe Featured:
Blue Jet, Gyro Robo (cameo, frozen).

Gyandlar Featured: Grujios, Diondra, Gadess, Xilamu, Shaben.

Anime Clichés: Jet does the "slice someone with sword, hold pose for a second while they belatedly fall in half" thing in the battle with Diondra's mooks. I quite like Jet but he's a walking cliché. Mind, they all are. Especially Shaben with his flashback to him capering around in the arctic with his tiny, tiny girlfriend.


A further step in the right direction. Diondra might not be much more of a threat than Grujios has been, but at least she fights someone at last and is a different face in the middle of the action. Similarly, Shaben is a nice change from the Devil Satan 6 even if he is a walking cliché - though the whole Diana thing is cringe-worthy. The animation's surprisingly poor in places too.

Still, there's some fun stuff with Drill (who seems to be about the only character not taking things far too seriously) to help it along. No Baikanfu either - yay!