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The Devil Satan 6 attack the town of Azenbush looking for the Metal Laster. The townspeople don't know what that is and are attacked. Meanwhile, Rom's party stops when a hungry Drill sets off to find some food, but he gets caught in quicksand. The others save him but Drill is left with a strange rust on his body. Jet sets off to find help. In Azenbush, one of the inhabitants admits the Metal Laster is in the village of Bila. Jet finds a well in a deserted Bila to clean Drill, and the rest soon join him. However, the locals appear and tell them not to enter, having mistaken them for those who attacked Azenbush. Just as Rom's party reluctantly leaves the Devil Satan 6 arrive and take a female villager hostage.

The Devil Satan 6 beat Rom and Jet before the village chief tells them he knows of the location of the Laster, threatening to kill himself and take the secret with him unless they stop. An uneasy peace is made, allowing Rom and Jet to recover. However, the well doesn't help Drill, and they realise he needs the Metal Laster himself. Minmei, the daughter of the chief and hostage from earlier, offers to help them find it, showing Rom and Jet a map in her necklace. The Chief meanwhile has led the Devil Satan 6 to where the Laster is kept and takes One inside to show him. One takes the Laster, but is attacked by Rom and Jet. Rom summons Kenryû and retakes the Laster but Devil Satan 6 combine and steal it back. Kenryû then turns into Baikanfu. He beats Devil Satan 6 but the Gyandlar still escape with the Metal Laster. They proudly present it to Gadess - but back in Bila the Chief reveals they took a jar of acid water kept around for security reasons. The real Laster is used to save Drill while the others note how much the mouth of the cave looks like the Wolf Emblem.


Azenbush is the most beautiful place on Cronos apparently. Populated by the Cronos tribe, its' inhabitants make wine. Bila is also a Cronos Tribe settlement. The Devil Satan 6 will be given double energy and a promotion as a reward if they find the Metal Laster. The Metal Laster can add a hundred years to the life of any healthy person who touches it according to legend. It is kept in Wolf Cave and takes the form of a large crystal - liquid from this forms in a pot, with a year's worth being needed to heal. Diondra has heard of the legend.

There are apples on Cronos. As well as eating food (Rod Drill's hobby) it would seem Machine Robo can drown and/or suffocate.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Leina Stol, Rom Stol, the village Chief, Minmei.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Triple Jim, Rod Drill.

Jet Tribe Featured:
Blue Jet.

Gyandlar Featured: Grujios, Diondra, Gadess, Devil Satan 6.

Anime Clichés: The full Devil Satan 6 combination from the previous episode is used in full again here. Revenge of Cronos loves stock footage, even by anime standards. The restored Drill sparkles, obviously.

Errors: The acid water looks an awful lot like piss.


A bit better but still painfully formulaic. It's nice to have Grujios out of the way and limply sparring with Diondra up on the Gyandlar ship rather than doing nothing down below though the Devil Satan 6 are already too unthreatening.

This seems as good a place as any for a big problem, though - what's the point in Kenryû? All that happens is it gives Rom the advantage for about 30 seconds before he inevitably has to change up to Baikanfu. The nature of the combination has so far made the final battles in each episode obvious and dull.