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The spaceship of the Gyandlar materialises above the peaceful planet of Cronos. They are looking for Kirai Stol, who has the secret of the Hyribead - a mythical energy source needed to power the Gyandlar's plans of universal conquest. Their leader, Gadess, dispatches Grujios and the Devil Satan 6 team to get the information from him. They land and attack a Cronos Tribe settlement, finding Kirai's daughter Leina and her valet Triple Jim. The pair escape, not realising that the Gyandlar are tracking them to find Kirai's location. Kirai is overseeing the final training of his son Rom and their friends Blue Jet and Rod Drill at his cavern when he suddenly collapses, before receiving a vision of Leina and Jim under pursuit. He dispatches Rom, Jet and Drill to help his daughter. The pair are caught on a mountain pass by the Gyandlar troops and cornered before they arrive, however.

Three of the Devil Satan 6 are about to kill Jim and Leina when Rom, Jet and Drill appear. Rom uses the Sky Space Heart Fist technique taught by his father to help drive the Gyandlar off. However, Grujios has already left to find Kirai with the rest of the Devil Satan 6. Kirai puts up a good fight until Gadess uses his powers to intervene from orbit. Realising he is lost and must protect the Hyribead, he destroys the cavern around him and uses the last of his energy to send the Wolf Sword Kenrô to his son. Rom is able to use it to summon the larger robot body Kenryû and fight Grujios. However, the Devil Satan 6 merge to form a single huge robot, matching Kenryû. In response Rom uses the Wolf Sword to summon up an even larger body - Baikanfu - and forces the Gyandlar into retreat.


Cronos is populated by sentient robots known as Machine Robo, split into three tribes - the Cronos Tribe (human looking androids), the Jet Tribe (large robots who turn into jet vehicles) and the Battle Tribe (large robots who turn into non-flying vehicles). All three tribes and the Gyandlar are gendered and have family units. The Gyandlar can consume the energy packs of Cronos natives.

Leina is out shopping when Triple Jim picks her up -with her father and brother busy, she has nothing else to do. Girl power. The Devil Satan 6 refer to each other by numbers only. Blue Jet is an expert swordsman. Rom has exceptional agility. Rod Drill's main skill seems to be surviving having a lot of rocks fall on his head. The Wolf Sword temple has giant statues of Kenryû and Baikanfu.

The first opening title sequence has the theme tune "Machine Robo Hono" by MARTIN; the end title music for the whole series is "Aoi Heart no Stranger" by Ema Watanabe. Blue Jet is based on the Jet Robo figure; Rod Drill is based on the Drill Robo figure.


Cronos Tribe Featured: Leina Stol, Kirai Stol, Rom Stol, Kenry, Baikanfu.

Battle Tribe Featured:
Triple Jim, Rod Drill.

Jet Tribe Featured:
Blue Jet.

Gyandlar Featured: Grujios, Diondra, Gadess, Devil Satan 6.

Anime Clichés: We're going to take episode titles as a given here. Rom's appearance rescuing Leina and Jim is hilariously pompous. The first summoning of Kenryû takes a mind-sapping 63 seconds; Baikanfu by comparison forms in about 10 seconds.

Errors: What the Hell happens to Rod Drill after the scuffle at the pass? He says he'll get to Kirai first and sets off underground and we don't see him again in the episode. Wrong turn?


A very tedious start to the series. Both Leina and Jim grate in the short scenes they have and the whole setup is rather pretentious. It's not exactly boring and instead seems to be in a tearing hurry - notably rushing the summoning of Kenryû and (especially) Baikanfu past the viewer with indecent haste and minimal explanation. I'd guess there was a desire to cram the latter into the first episode.

It's all very odd so far - it's easy to picture a group of baffled Bandai executives after the final titles wondering if this was the Machine Robo series they were sponsoring or just some random mech cartoon.