The Jet Tribe seem to be considerably fewer in number than the Battle and Cronos Tribes, and the Rock People for that matter. They all have the power of flight in their alternate modes and often seem to be more serious and warlike than the other peoples of Cronos.

Along with Rom and Rod Drill he trained under Kirai Stol, and accompanied Rom on his quest. While quite stoic and formal he is a loyal friend, with his speed and excellent swordsmanship often getting the travellers out of difficult situations. He fell in love with Rury, the head of a martial arts Dojo, and eventually began loosening up a little and joking more with Rod without losing his honour or his fighting skills.

Pro Truck Racer gifted him a gun pack which further enhanced his battle skills and he became a valuable part of the Machine Robo army at Yamilan and then at the Battle Base. His flying skills were also put to good use leading various Jet Tribe operations. During the final assault on the Gyandlar ship he was left looking after the injured Leina while Rom and the others confronted Gadess. The Gyandlar leader escaped and attacked Jet, impaling him. Despite his huge injuries Jet kept trying to attack the Gyandlar commander until he was unable to stand. He ignored his injuries and was able to free Rom and the others from Gadess' trap and help confront him, freeing Cronos from his influence. At the end of the series he decided not to follow up his romance with Rury and instead set off into space.

Two Jet Robo figures were issued in the Revenge of Cronos toyline - the standard Jet Robo (a reissue of the original Drill Robo, released in the West as Fitor) and a non-transforming Chara poseable figure - this was later reissued with a BB pellet-firing backpack styled after the weapon used in the anime as a Chara DX toy.


Shuttle Robo was a member of the Land Commander 5 team stationed at Yamilan. Like his team-mates he was initially dismissive of Rom and his band, believing the team needed no help in defending the city. However, later he accepted them and Shuttle Robo would remain part of the Land Commander 5 team throughout the battle with the Gyandlar, even helping confront Gadess in the final showdown.

The character was based on the original Shuttle Robo toy (issued in the West as Spay-C), which was reissued to tie in with the cartoon.


The most agile member of the Jet Tribe, Falcon Robo first met with Rom's band when he helped Blue Jet assault the Demonic Fortress. Later when his village was taken over by the Gyandlar he escaped to ask Rom for help. Afterwards he helped defend the skies over Yamilan, including spearheading an attack on the Varigale-X and was part of the team that confronted and defeated Gadess.

Multiple Falcon Robos are briefly seen but there's no reason to suspect the various spoken roles aren't all the same guy. The character was based on the original Falcon Robo toy (issued in the West as Heat Seeker), which was reissued to tie in with the cartoon. Falcon Robo has an odd quirk on his character model - unlike on the toy, the robot's head is entirely enclosed by the jet mode cockpit. Sometimes, especially if Falcon Robo was in the background of a scene or not speaking, they just coloured the cockpit as if it was opaque.


The fastest of the Jet Tribe, Blackbird Robo's stealth abilities also make him the most suited to reconnaissance. He is often recruited by Blue Jet whenever he needs back-up, helping attack the Demon Castle, defend Yamilan, search for the missing Leina after the city fell, fending off the Varigale-X when it attacked the Battle Base and later being a member of the first squad onboard the Gyandlar mothership during the final confrontation with Gadess. At the end of the series he remained on Cronos.

His first appearance was getting melted by a volcano - this was either a different Blackbird Robo or just 'demonstration' footage that didn't actually happen. The character was based on the original Blackbird Robo toy (issued in some parts of the West as Sky-Spy and later Snoop), which was reissued to tie in with the cartoon.


Stationed at Yamilan, Apollo Robo was somewhat besotted with Leina and took diversions on his reconnaissance missions to collect flowers for her. On one trip he was captured by Diondra. Despite torture he refused to divulge information about the city's security and was used as a shield by the Gyandlar. Rom was able to free him before Apollo Robo tackled a missile aimed at the city, diverting it into space - seemingly at the cost of his life.

While Apollo Robo isn't seen to die and Leina refuses to believe he dies, he's not seen again so probably did. The character was based on the original Apollo Robo toy (never issued in the West), which was reissued to tie in with the anime.


Chief of Yearn City, Vilion was initially suspicious of Rom's group, mistaking them for Bug Newman's bandit group. Once the confusion was sorted out he aided in the capture of Bug and later helped Rod Drill out when he needed reinforcements to attack the Demon Castle. Later he joined up with the troops at Yamilan, providing ongoing support for the battle against the Gyandlar.

There's nothing solid to suggest the DrillHeli seen later on is Vilion but - as with Combat Buggy - there's nothing to contradict it and like Minmei it would be logical to think he was an old ally turning up to help. The character was based on the DrillHeli toy (never issued in the West), which was released to tie in with the anime.


Joining up after the fall of Yamilan, Battle Gyror had a short - if memorable - career. His body was taken over by Grujios and used to slanderously accuse Helitanser of treachery when he was actually the one leaking information - this ruse was eventually exposed by Minmei, with Battle Gyror then being freed. Later he took part in the aerial assault on the Gyandlar mothership, where he was mortally damaged. Determined to make his mark he crashed into the ship in flames, creating a huge hole which the Machine Robo army used to get inside the ship.

For about five seconds in his debut episode Battle Gyror has an extremely stylised almost-unrecognisable character model - this doesn't seem to have any significance. The character was based on the Battle Gyror toy (issued in North America as Twister), based on the Winch Robo JetHeli (itself issued in Europe as simply 'Helicopter') which was released in the series' tie-in line.


One Phantom Robo was stationed at Yamilan and seemingly killed after an unsuccessful attempt to save Leina from being captured by the Gyandlar. Another then helped Jet find Amber Man and later participated in the final stages of the battle against the invaders.

It is possible there's only one Phantom Robo and he's only injured by the Gyandlar; without better knowledge of Machine Robo physiology it's impossible to say - the initial appearance shows him to be all-white while later versions are more carefully shaded in various light greys, but that isn't necessarily definitive as the same happens to various characters whenever the animation budget (presumably) ran low. The character was based on the original Phantom Robo toy (issued in the West as Mach-3), which was reissued to tie in with the anime.


Eagle Robo was stationed at Yamilan, where he helped search for the missing Leina. He escaped the destruction of the city, despite a crash landing, helping find Amber Man and then aiding in the final battle against the Gyandlar. He was among the Machine Robo that left Cronos at the end of the series.

The character was based on the original Eagle Robo toy (issued in the West as Leader-1), which was reissued to tie in with the anime.


One of the defenders of Yamilan, Cessna Robo performed various duties, including aerial reconnaissance. After the city fell he was trained by Bike Robo and participated in the final battle against the Gyandlar. He stayed behind on Cronos after the end of the series.

The character was based on the original Cessna Robo toy (issued in the West as Water Walk), which was reissued to tie in with the anime. Another example was seen earlier in the series being eaten by a giant flower.

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Doublejet joined up with the Machine Robo at the Battle Base and provided capable support throughout the battles with the Gyandlar. He survived the war and stayed on Cronos at the end of the series.

The character was based on the Doublejet toy (never issued in the West), which was released to tie in with the anime.


Harrier Robo was seen in Gallowlands, in Zeba's village and then at the Battle Base, where he was killed by the Gyandlar.

The character was based on the original Harrier Robo toy (issued in the West as Royal-T), which wasn't reissued - thus leading to only a few short cameos in the anime.


Jettranser was one of the troops stationed at the Battle Base, accompanying Rom and his key troops on a couple of missions.

Jettranser might have appeared a little bit more often - his jet module is identical to that of Eagle Robo. The character was based on the original Jettranser toy (issued in Europe as Jet and Transport), which was reissued for the anime's tie-in line.


One of the larger Machine Robo, Big Shuttle Robo was used as transportation by Rom, Jet and Pro Truck Racer when they investigated a mysterious distress call in space. He was damaged when the source of the call - Grujios - attacked them but was able to land safely with the help of Diamond Man and some of the Jet Tribe. At the end of the series he transported Rom and Leina to the dimensional gateway.

What happens to Big Shuttle Robo when Rom and Leina are turned human by the gateway isn't explained, though based on the animation the answer is "absolutely nothing". His alternate mode is much bigger than that of Shuttle Robo, who doesn't seem big enough to transport anyone and is about the same size as most of the other jets. The character was based on the original Big Shuttle Robo toy (issued in the West as the Super version of Spay-C), which wasn't reissued - leading to a small if functional role in the anime.


Zero Robo is briefly seen flying over Preacher's monastery, but took no part in the battle.

The character was based on the original Zero Robo toy (issued in the West as Zero), which wasn't reissued - hence him only appearing for a few frames of the series.


Vertol Robo was seen briefly working in a factory in Korora.

The character was based on the original Vertol Robo toy (issued in America as Twin Spin and Europe as Carry-All), which wasn't reissued - reducing him to a single cameo.


Kaman Robo assisted Battleship Robo in rescuing some of the retirees of the Momo Grand Prix from the river.

The character was based on the original Kaman Robo toy (issued in the West as Flip-Top), which wasn't reissued - reducing the character to a brief vehicle mode cameo in the show.