The Cronos Tribe make up much of the population of Cronos and are human-looking robots. Their resemblance to humans extends to having hair and some sort of skin covering much of their bodies. They would seem to require oxygen and form family units. Unlike the other peoples of Cronos they don't seem to be able to transform and are more vulnerable. Very few seem to join Rom's battle against the Gyandlar invaders especially as it reaches its' most crucial stage, though several members help him along his way.

The lead protagonist of the series, Rom Stol is the second son of Kirai Stol. At the start of the series he is given the Wolf Sword Kenrô by his father, giving him access to two larger robotic bodies - Kenryû and Baikanfu. Rom's personality remains the same in both of these bodies - they're effectively just armour suits for him, though a lot more integrated than a mere pilot would be.

Rom is noble and heroic, taking his role in the quest set by his late father very seriously. However, he is always prepared to help any persecuted innocents the group finds on their path. Even in his standard form he is a formidable swordsman with great agility. Later he also receives a gun pack, quickly becoming proficient with the weapon. He also quickly masters the Power Riser suit, proving his fighting abilities aren't entirely down to the Wolf Sword. He had a flirting relationship with Minmei and is very protective of his sister Leina. If he has a fault it's a habit of trying to do everything himself, though he learnt to listen to his friends when they offered to help him.

At the end of the series he leaves Cronos and crosses a dimensional gateway with Leina, becoming human (or at least organic) in the process.

Two Rom toys were issued for the Revenge of Cronos tie-in line. One was a retooled version of Protessor from the Chogokin Gardian DX figure (the toy could still open up, but revealed chromed robot innards rather than space for an even smaller figure). The other was a non-transforming but highly poseable (for the era) Chara figure, released initially with the Wolf Sword and then with a BB pellet-firing backpack as part of the Chara DX range. The Chara figure could also sit in the Battle Flex and Power Riser toys. In 2007 Rom was included in Bandai's all-new Soul of Chogokin Baikanfu figure.


Kenryû is the intermediate form between Rom's own body and Baikanfu. While powerful in its' own right the Kenryû body is no match for most of the larger Gyandlar and after midway through the series isn't seen outside of Baikanfu's stock formation footage. At the end of the series, with Cronos saved, Kenryû returns to statue form alongside Baikanfu.

In 1986 Kenryû was part of the deluxe Baikanfu toy, a retooled and recoloured version of Delinger from the Chogokin Gardian DX figure. In 2007 an all-new version was included with the Soul of Chogokin Baikanfu. Four years later Kenryû got its' first stand-alone action figure when the character was featured in Yamato's GN-U Dou range of PVC/ABS poseable figures.


The largest body available to Rom, Baikanfu also incorporates the form of Kenryû. Despite Baikanfu's status as one of the largest Machine Robo, Rom is still able to access all his fighting skills in this configuration and a few more besides. Drawing on the power of Cronos itself Baikanfu is a match for any Gyandlar except maybe Gadess himself and is frequently called on to deliver the killing blow to Gyandlar captains. Like Kenryû Baikanfu, his role over, reverts to a statue at the end of the series as Rom leaves the planet.

Baikanfu was issued in 1986 (along with Rom and Kenryû) as a retooled version of the DX Chogokin Gardian figure, and was the main subject of Bandai's 2007 Soul of Chogokin figure.

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Daughter of Kirai and younger sister to Rom, Leina is kind, caring and easily upset. She insists on accompanying Rom on his travels, usually paired with her valet Triple Jim. Initially she is a very weak character, always getting kidnapped or injured, but she improves her combat skills considerably as the show goes on. While never on the level of her brother or the likes of Jet or Drill she can handle herself, performing well in a Power Riser against large numbers of Gyandlar troops in the final battle before being overwhelmed. She also learns medical skills to help Ambulance Robo out with casualties as the conflict escalates.

Leina is also the subject of affection for several characters, including Shaben, Apollo Robo, Yuri, Marus and Gaddess himself. She rejects all their advances - often gently - and seems more concerned with keeping the likes of Minmei and Sophia away from her brother.

At the end of the series she crosses a dimensional gateway with Rom and becomes human, getting to star in the sequel OVAs.

Leina didn't receive an action figure (though model kits and PVC figurines were issued) until she was included in the 2007 Soul of Chogokin Baikanfu set. The character herself was briefly something of a pinup within the anime genre in the late 1980s, with lots of merchandise featuring her - including an official tribute music video compilation.


Father to Gardi, Rom and Leina, Kirai travelled to Cronos to prepare for a massive battle with the Gyandlar. His ship is attacked on the way to the planet and Gardi is lost but nevertheless he works on his plan, seeding the planet with Wolf symbols to aid the battle. He trains numerous Machine Robo in combat - including his son Rom, Blue Jet, Rod Drill, Bug Newman, Misu and Bike Robo - and encourages them to pass the lessons on.

He is killed in the first episode after engineering a cave fall to prevent the Wolf Sword from falling into the hands of the Gyandlar. After that his spirit returns occasionally to advise his children as they complete his objectives. At the end of the series his spirit is reunited with that of his eldest son, Gardi.


Eldest son of Kirai, Gardi was entrusted with operating the ship's defences during the Stol clan's journey to Cronos. When the ship was destroyed his escape pod was captured by Gadess, who tortured and brainwashed him before encasing him in armour and enlisting him in his army as Garudi. Kirai, Rom and Leina were unaware of his fate and believed Gardi was dead.

Gardi was finally freed from the suit by Baikanfu after being troubled by intermittent flashbacks and aided Rom in his final showdown with Gadess. He was partly absorbed into Gadess, however, and begged his younger brother to destroy the Gyandlar commander even at the cost of his own life. Rom complied and his spirit was united with that of his father at the series' conclusion.

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Daughter of the chief of Bila, Minmei (often shorted to Mei by her friends) is among those Rom's party meets on their quest. She helps them find the Metal Laster to save Rod Drill and later provides the same to help Leina. She is an expert shot with a crossbow.

She later leads a group of soldiers sent from Azenbrush to aid in the construction of the Battle Base and remains on hand as one of Rom's key advisors. She has something of a crush on him and becomes good friends with Leina. She also aids in the final assault on the Gyandlar mothership, piloting Triple Jim during the aerial assault. At the end of the series she remains on Cronos to aid with the rebuilding of the planet.


A former student of Kirai (considered to be his most promising), Bug leaves his tutor to learn the forbidden Poison Fist technique - allowing him to kill with a touch of his hand. He turns to banditry, becoming a feared outlaw leading a band of criminals. Bug attracts the attention of the Gyandlar, who employ him to kill Rom. He is able to infect his former master's son but Rom survives and is able to defeat Bug even after he combines with a Metal Sand robot.

After his defeat Bug is imprisoned and not seen again.


Rury's father ran a Dojo that was visited by Kirai when she was young, leaving a Wolf Symbol behind. After her father died she took over running it. The symbol later attracted the attention of the Gyandlar, who attacked it. Rom and his friends helped drive them off. Rury fell in love with Blue Jet during their stay.

She travelled to the ruins of Yamilan after the Gyandlar defeat but Jet chose to keep to the warriors' path and travel into space instead of staying with her.