Catalogue shot of the unreleased Gobotron Fortress playsetWhile Machine Robo enjoyed a revival in Japan, Gobots was finally cancelled in America. The Dread Launchers - a similar concept to 1986's Double Machine Robo, but using fresh designs commissioned by Tonka - and the non-transforming Power Marchers were the final releases in early 1987, backed by the last shipments of the 1986 range. Several toys were shelved shortly before release - the Power Suit Nemesis (a retool of the Japanese Land Commander 5) and a Tonka-designed Gobotron Fortress play set were the main casualties, though further Power Marchers (the subset was taken from Bandai's WalkingRobo line) were planned and recolours of extant regular Gobots were mooted at one point.

Robo Machine Dancougar box artRobo Machine was continuing to chug along in Europe, though the reduced number of moulds in its' sister lines saw the release schedule slow down. Among the releases were the Ultrabots (the local name for the Dread Launchers) and Dancougar (Japanese Chogokin overstock repackaged as part of the Robo Machine line). In France interest in the line was high enough that the Revenge of Cronos series was imported and dubbed as Revenge of the Gobots. Despite the complete incompatibility of the American and Japanese series, the French producers changed the names of the characters in an attempt to portray it as a sequel to Hanna-Barbera's Challenge of the Gobots.

Battle Hackers series lead R.JeTan in promotional art for the lineThe real action was still in Japan. Revenge of Cronos was successful enough for a sequel series named Machine Robo - Battle Hackers to be commissioned, with broadcast starting in June 1987 on Tokyo TV, a week after the Cronos finale. The cartoon saw the Machine Robo switch to another dimension, effectively rebooting the storyline again - though most of the supporting cast from Revenge of Cronos were kept on in minor roles. Bandai made a number of new larger figures to tie in with the line, but Battle Hackers wasn't as successful as its' predecessor either on television or in the toy stores and the show was cancelled after 31 episodes. The story of Leina and Rom Stol - who didn't carry across to Battle Hackers - was continued in a series of OVA anime episodes, firstly the three-part Leina Stol in Wolf Sword (1988-89) and then the one-off Lightning Trap - Leina & Laika in 1990. These, featuring Leina's reincarnation as a present day Japanese schoolgirl, had only scant links to the Machine Robo toyline.