Eagle did initially give The Robo Machines a bit of a push, running one-page adverts in each of the three issues running up to the strip's debut.

The first features a generic Robo Machine, though he does look a little like Royal-T, with the chap behind looking a bit like Fitor.

The second shows some of the cast, including Spay-C and Geeper Creeper, neither of whom eventually appeared (okay, you can see Spay-C's legs in one frame, but you get the point).


And the third shows the Command Centre destroying a chunk of forest, to show there are friendly Robo Machines. Awesome!

To the left there's an example of one of the "Next Week" adverts which ran at the end of the comic - these usually featured big hitters like 'Dan Dare' or 'Doomlord', but 'Robo Machines' did get a couple of references.