Renegade Warrior
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"Quest for the Creator"

Vamp was loyal to the Master Renegade, and followed him to Antares 3. There, along with Scorp, she guarded his suspension capsule. When the Guardians arrived, believing it to be the resting place of the Last Engineer, Vamp and Scorp briefly captured Leader-1, but were eventually overwhelmed by superior Guardian forces. The Master Renegade was taken by the Guardians before being freed by Cy-Kill.

Cy-Kill then sent Pincher to recruit Vamp and Scorp, and the trio returned from Antares 3 in time to support Roguestar against the Powersuit-augmented Guardians. However, the arrival of the Last Engineer allowed the Guardians to form the Power Warrior and defeat the Renegades. She was then assigned to several of Cy-Kill's plans, including stealing materials to built the Puzzler, sabotaging Command Center 1's computer system, guarding a volcano which was the epicentre of the Renegades' plan to move Earth's tectonic plates, and ambushing Guardian cadets to allow contact with the covert Red Team.

Later Vamp briefly re-allied with the Master Renegade, freeing her creator from Roguestar with help from Scorp and Creepy, then heading to take over New Earth. However, when Cy-Kill arrived to deal with the threat, she returned to his side and turned on the Master Renegade.

Vamp appeared in the following episodes:

"Quest for the Creator", "Return to Gobotron", "Dawn World", "Quest for Roguestar", "Auto-Madic", "Inside Job", "Crime Wave", "Ring of Fire", "Guardian Academy", "Quest for New Earth"