"Cy-Kill's Escape"

After the Renegades' Gobotron Fortress was overrun by the Guardians, the massive Roguestar became their main base. While not particularly agile, the ship was well-armed and had extensive facilities. It could carry and launch dozens of Thrusters, not to mention the entirety of the Renegade strength if required. Combined with the ship's stealth field, this meant Roguestar was ideally suited to launching invasions, being able to move within close range of Gobotron undetected, and then disembarkRenegades in vast numbers.

Due to its' size and power, Roguestar was a frequent thorn in the side of the Guardians, who tried on numerous occasions to knock it out of the fight. Plans ranging from inserting a team of Guardians to setting up a range of detection satellites, all to no avail.