Combining Assault Robot

A Renegade attempt to counter the Guardians' Courageous Powersuit system, the Puzzler was constructed on Earth by Cy-Kill. Its' six components were then dispersed across America by a car salesman named Larry E. Cocoa, who was in the pay of the Renegades. However, his wife tampered with their controls, causing the six cars to converge and combine into the full Puzzler.

This alerted the Guardians, who moved in to combat the Puzzler. Initially it had them on the run until the Powersuits were retrieved from Gobotron, at which point Courageous was able to halt the Puzzler and destroy it.

While the Puzzler itself shows the same kind of very limited intelligence displayed by Zod and Scales, there's no sign that the six individual robots are anything other than an intermediate stage, with no real signs of life. Only Tic Tac and Jig Saw are named in the episode, and even then it seems like Cocoa makes the names up on the spot.

Puzzler appeared in the following episode: