Rock Lord
Living rock
Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords
Telly Savalas

Lord of Stonehead, Magmar hatched a plan to capture all the Power Sceptres of his fellow Rock Lords and use them to create a single Sceptre of huge power. With help from a band of similarly amoral rocks, he succeeded in wiping out most of the other Rock Lords, until only Solitaire, Boulder and the Fossil Lord opposed him. Boulder's force was the only significant threat to his own, but Solitaire escaped the planet with Nuggit in order to recruit help from the Guardians. Unfortunately for her, this also brought the situation to Cy-Kill's notice, and he set off for Cordax with a Renegade force.

Cy-Kill's arrival saved Magmar from defeat at the hands of Boulder, and helped defeat the Fossil Lord while also providing the captured Solitaire's sceptre. Magmar's machine was soon ready, but Cy-Kill double-crossed his ally and took the Ultrasceptre for himself. Without it Magmar's troops were routed by Boulder and the Guardians, and forced to retreat into Stonehead.

Magmar appeared in the following episode:

Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords