Guardian Secret Rider
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"Guardian Academy"

In contrast to many of his comrades, Tri-Trak faced his biggest challenge before even becoming a Guardian. As a cadet at the Guardian Academy, his impulsiveness was blamed for Blue Team's poor performance in evaluations. He almost posted a record score on the shooting gallery section of the test, but this was ruined when 'friendly' target attacked him. Tri-Trak was already suspicious of the competing Red Team, and suspected foul play. He discovered they were really Renegades, but was disabled before he could report this. Tri-Trak was found by Nick and AJ, and tried to stop the kidnap of Zeemon at the Guardian graduation ceremony. He chased the Red Team, backed up by Blue Team, and disabled the Thruster they were using, saving Zeemon. In recognition he was made a Guardian soon afterwards, and went through the Modifier. With the rest of Blue Team, he formed the Secret Riders.

His first active assignment was escorting colonists to New Earth along with Twister and Throttle, but on arriving on the planet he was captured by the Master Renegade's lackey Creepy. He managed to get free and turn the tables, however, taking out Cy-Kill himself. Later he would join Leader-1, Turbo and Treds battling Cy-Kill on Earth, this time picking up minor damage.

Tri-Trak was also shown as a Guardian in the flashback in "Et Tu, Cy-Kill", but this must be an error as it clashes with the majority of his backstory.

Tri-Trak appeared in the following episodes:

"Guardian Academy", "Quest for New Earth", "Et Tu, Cy-Kill"