Guardian Engineer
Motor scooter [Toy Review]
"The Battle for Gobotron"
66 [Ever-present]
VOICE ACTOR: Frank Welker

Typically the third member of the Command Center 1 crew, Scooter was one of the smallest Guardians, at around 8 feet tall. He's younger than most of his comrades too. As an engineer, he carried no armament, but this was offset both by his highly advanced hologram projector (backed with his own skill for vocal impressions) and a vast array of tools, including cutting lasers, lock picks and fire extinguishers.

Physically weak, he could often been quite cowardly, and was generally happier when tinkering with the Command Center's systems than actually combating the Renegades. He found something of a kindred spirit in the UNECOM cadet Nick, who often partnered him on assignments. As he became more experienced, Scooter gradually became braver. While he would rarely attempt to combat Renegades, but he did become adept at piloting the Command Center, frequently providing heavy artillery support for Leader-1 and Turbo, and also taking a Powersuit when needed. Scooter's non-threatening nature seemed to help him make friends fairly easily, while he enjoyed a good-natured sparring relationship with Turbo.

Something of a genius, among Scooter's inventions were an advanced tracking system, and the key mechanism that allowed the Guardians to escape from the Gameworld of Kolob. He often came up with ingenious uses for his hologram projector, often keeping the Renegades confused and bewildered long enough for his fellow Guardians to win the day. At one point he was upgraded to receive a blaster pack in place of his holographic unit, but found he was no use as a warrior before returning to his usual role. Scooter was also an invaluable source of old information, and had ambitions to become a librarian.

Later he was considered a solid hand, providing advice for the likes of Small Foot and Sparky, and even undertaking an instructors' role at the Guardian Academy.

Scooter appeared in the following episodes:

"The Battle for Gobotron", "Target Earth", "Conquest of Earth", "Earthbound", "The Final Conflict", "Cy-Kill's Escape", "Quest for the Creator", "The Fall of Gobotron", "Flight to Earth", "Return to Gobotron", "Time Wars", "Renegade Alliance", "Genius and Son", "Dawn World", "Forced Alliance", "Invasion from the 21st Level Part I", "Invasion from the 21st Level Part II", "Lost on Gobotron", "Cy-Kill's Shrinking Ray", "Quest for Roguestar", "Renegade Rampage Part I", "Renegade Rampage Part II", "Ultra Zod", "Sentinel", "Cold Spell", "Auto-Madic", "Tarnished Image", "In Search of Ancient Gobonauts", "Gameworld", "Wolf in the Fold", "Depth Charge", "Nova Beam", "Transfer Point", "Steamer's Defection", "The Gobot Who Cried Renegade", "The Seer", "Whiz Kid", "Pacific Overtures", "Destroy All Guardians", "Escape from Elba", "Clutch of Doom", "The Third Column", "A New Suit for Leader-1", "Renegade Carnival", "The Gift", "The Last Magic Man", "Braxis Goes Bonkers", "Inside Job", "Fitor to the Finish", "Cy-Kill's Cataclysmic Trap", "Doppelganger", "Trident's Triple Threat", "Speed is of the Essence", "Crime Wave", "Scooter Enhanced", "Ring of Fire", "Element of Danger", "It's the Thought That Counts", "The Gobots That Time Forgot", "Guardian Academy", "Quest for New Earth", "The Secret of Halley's Comet", "Terror in Atlantis", "Et Tu, Cy-Kill", "Mission Gobotron", Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords