Guardian Security Guard
Hawker-Siddeley Harrier [Toy Review]
"Escape from Elba"

Part of a four-Guardian team assigned to guard Cy-Kill on the prison planet of Elba, Royal-T was less than impressed with his posting. Street Heat also agreed with him, and Cy-Kill found the pair susceptible to his mind control as a result. They then attacked the other guards, Van Guard and Heat Seeker, and helped Cy-Kill escape. When a Guardian team was sent to investigate an SOS sent by Heat Seeker, Royal-T helped capture Turbo. He was then ironically given the job of guarding the Renegades' prisoners on Elba while Cy-Kill led an attempt to take over Earth. However, Matt Hunter freed Turbo, Van Guard and Heat Seeker, who then attacked and drove off Royal-T and Street Heat.

Royal-T was also shown as a Renegade in the episode "Flight to Earth", but that episode must take place before "Escape to Elba" otherwise the whole chronology is screwed. There's an outside chance Royal-T was a Renegade who defected (and this might have explained why he was so easy for Cy-Kill to take over, and why the Guardians are so damning towards him), but it would stretch credulity a little too much, I think.

Royal-T appeared in the following episodes:

"Escape from Elba"