Guardian Scientist
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"The Fall of Gobotron"

A scatterbrained lunatic with a pronounced Germanic accent, Professor Von Joy was nevertheless the Guardians' chief scientist. He carried no armament, but this didn't make him much less of a danger, albeit mainly to those immediately next to him. He had several laboratories in Guardian facilities, and also oversaw the Modification of Guardians. Von Joy was instrumental in setting the machine up to repair Small Foot after she was damaged by the Master Renegade. Elsewhere his absent-minded methods often led to Von Joy being something of a hindrance to his fellow Guardians - while he fitted Scooter with the weapons pack he wanted, Von Joy's testing method for the blasters involved throwing the small Guardian's holographic projection at him. His briefing to the Command Center 1 team about how to counter their computer problems was a string of incomprehensible mutterings. His intervention in a battle at a UNECOM base with his new immobiliser froze the Guardians (who were on the brink of victory) and allowed the Renegades to escape from the jaws of defeat. It's not that Von Joy was an idiot or anything, he just seemed to have minimal awareness of the world around him and no comprehension that anyone else would have trouble following what he was saying.

He mixed his scientific work with sitting on the Guardian Council on several occasions, including at the Vienna Peace Conference.

Professor Von Joy appeared in the following episodes:

"The Fall of Gobotron", "Nova Beam", "Pacific Overtures", "Clutch of Doom", "Braxis Goes Bonkers", "Inside Job", "Scooter Enhanced", "Element of Danger", "It's the Thought That Counts",, "The Secret of Halley's Comet"