Guardian Warrior
Spaceship [Toy Review]
"The Battle for Gobotron"
VOICE ACTOR: Marilyn Lightstone

Path Finder was one of the most capable Guardian warriors. She had intelligence, compassion, courage and no small amount of skill. After Leader-1 departed for Earth, she helped spearhead the storming of the Renegades' Gobotron Fortress and capture the defenders. Later she travelled to Antares 3 searching for the Last Engineer, leading Scooter on a rescue mission when Leader-1 and Matt disappeared on the planet. Soon afterwards she helped defend Gobotron from Cy-Kill's Thruster fleet, but was captured by the Renegades when her Command Center was shot down. Path Finder was freed by Scooter and Sparky.

She would then alternate between being posted to Earth with the Command Center 1 team and Guardian bases on Gobotron and beyond. Her presence was vital in averting Cy-Kill's attempt to change history by travelling back to ancient Rome. Path Finder was later damaged in a Renegade raid on the moon, but gained some revenge in helping the Guardians locate Roguestar, and participated in the ultimately unsuccessful attempt to destroy the Renegade mothership. Her next prominent assignment was to be Astro-Beamed to Tri-Ceti, but she was unable to prevent the planet's destruction. Soon after she was among the Gobots captured and forced to fight on Kolob.

Later Path Finder would take on other high ranking roles, taking seats on both the Security Council and the Guardian Council itself at varying points, while also being a delegate at the abortive Vienna peace talks with the Renegades. However, she also remained an active warrior.

Path Finder appeared in the following episodes:

"The Battle for Gobotron", "Earthbound", "The Final Conflict", "Cy-Kill's Escape", "Quest for the Creator", "The Fall of Gobotron", "Flight to Earth", "Return to Gobotron", "Time Wars", "Renegade Alliance", "Quest for Roguestar", "Renegade Rampage Part I", "Renegade Rampage Part II", "Gameworld", "Nova Beam", "Steamer's Defection", "Whiz Kid", "Pacific Overtures", "Escape from Elba", "A New Suit for Leader-1", "Doppelganger", "Element of Danger", "It's the Thought That Counts", "Guardian Academy", "Quest for New Earth"